Pixium RF 4343 F5

Pixium RF 4343 F5

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Introducing the 5th generation Pixium© 4343 RF offering the best dynamic performances in the market. Launched in 2007, the first Pixium© 4343 RF has gone through several optimisations during clinical usage and arriving at Generation 5 in 2020. Capitalising on the expertise based on 15 000 installed worldwide, this version has improved image quality, greater speed and connectivity and can be fully optimised by the user.

  • Enhanced Image Quality: Optimised for fluoroscopy, radiography and angiography and with a Pixel Pitch of 148µm, the 5th Generation device offers unparalleled image quality for advanced clinical applications. Thanks to a 10-Giga bit connectivity, the high detector speed of more than 150 frames per second allows the user to carry out the most advanced procedures.
  • Ultimate Integration: Without the processing unit the integration is faster and simpler. Pixdyn allows the use of all of Thales’ dynamic detectors in one software platform.
  • Overall Optimisation: Hardware optimisation delivers a cold start in less than 10 minutes after the power up increasing hospital efficiency and ecological optimisations. A patented reset light function is removing any memory effect on the X-Ray Image.

Software optimisation comes in the form of improved image quality and reduced lag effect. Overall this delivers perfect images in far less time.

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