Pixium 2121 & 3030S Efficiency

Pixium 2121 & 3030S Efficiency

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A true alternative to conventional imaging sub-systems

The technology developed by Thales looks to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, optimising daily workflow and providing them with high quality images. The Pixium 2121 & 3030 Efficiency make up the new generation of lightweight dynamic flat panel detectors delivering high quality images in real time.

This range benefits from State-of-the-art technologies in an affordable design. It integrates Trixell proprietary scintillator to deliver superior images quality at low dose.

Its integration is facilitated thanks to the universal PixDyn software platform, a pixel matrix at standard video format and specific modes for low noise and high sensitivity.

Universal PixDyn Software Platform

PixDyn software platform allows you to easily integrate new detectors into your systems.

It is compatible with all dynamic detectors:



  • Pixium 2121 & 3030S Imaging Suite
  • Pixium 2121 & 3030S Efficiency
  • Pixium 3040F
  • Pixium RF 4343 FL (Model 4)
  • Pixium RF 4343 F (Model 5)

PixDyn software platform eases the management of calibration and image acquisition, flat panel detector control, service information, and noise filter. Thanks to PixDyn platform integration directly into the customer's PC, this lightweight solution allows more flexibility and manoeuvrability.


  • Superior image quality
  • True alternative to conventional image chain: Digitalisation facilited thanks to Gig-E interface and specific pixel matrix:  the solution is perfectly suited for the retrofit of conventional equipment such as  9" & 12" RIU (XRII imaging)
  • Suitability for a wide range of equipment: C-arms, Cathlab, Lithotriptor and Radio-Fluoroscopic Tables
  • Availability of different modes: the detectors can function in different modes allowing for the support of all 2D and 3D applications, whether orthopedic, urologic or cardiac.
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