Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support Systems Market Forecast: Projections and Key Insights for Business Growth

Detailed Study of Clinical Decision Support Systems Market (2023-2030)   Diving into the depths of the Global Market, the... Read more

New Clinical Decision Support System Benefits Patients With Acute Kidney Injury

From wearable devices to artificial intelligence, the health care world has seen a boom in new digital health technologies. But... Read more

The Value of Streamlining Protocol & Dose Management in Radiology

The 2013/59/Euratom guidance mandates suitable documentation and quality assurance systems for all systems using ionising radiation.... Read more

Women's Health

NIH Researchers Link High-Pollution Areas with Increased Breast Cancer Incidence

A recent study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that living in an area with high levels of particulate... Read more

The Women’s Tennis Association Marks 50 Years of Blazing New Trails for Women

On June 21 – 50 years ago – Billie Jean King called on her peers for strength in unity and founded the Women’s Tennis Association... Read more

New Initiative Targets Heart Protection for Women Receiving Breast Cancer Treatment

A clinical trial is underway to enroll women with breast cancer, with the goal of investigating the effectiveness of behavioural... Read more

Enterprise Imaging

Sectra Signs Enterprise Imaging Contract Larger Multi-Region Healthcare Systems in the US

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra will provide Sectra One Cloud, its enterprise imaging cloud... Read more

The Future of Enterprise Imaging is Ruled by Five Trends

It is widely acknowledged that Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA), and Enterprise... Read more

Outlook for Medical Imaging Equipment and Informatics in the Asia-Pacific Region, 2023

The Asia-Pacific medical imaging and informatics market is forecasted to encounter notable revenue growth, with an increase of... Read more


Levels of Intensive Care and In-Hospital Mortality in Sepsis

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition caused by a dysfunctional response to infection. It is a significant global health issue,... Read more

Thiamine for Renal Protection in Septic Shock

Kidney injury frequently occurs in patients with septic shock and is linked to worse clinical outcomes. Administering thiamine... Read more

Angiotensin II in Critically Ill Patients

In December 2017, angiotensin II (ATII) intravenous infusion gained approval in the U.S. for treating septic or other distributive... Read more


Rising Suicide Risks Among U.S. Health Care Workers: The Need for Mental Health Support

Health care professionals face significant emotional demands as they routinely engage in stressful tasks, caring for severely... Read more

Nipah Virus: India Races to Contain the Outbreak

In India, health authorities have taken swift action by closing schools, offices, and public transport while implementing extensive... Read more

New UK Survey Reveals Over a Third of Patients Report Health Decline While on Waiting List

The results of the lastest survey by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) reveal that patient satisfaction levels have remained... Read more

ICU and Emergency

Single-Plane vs Real-Time Biplane Approaches for Ultrasound-Guided CVC

Central venous catheterisation (CVC) is a lifesaving procedure for critically ill patients, commonly used during fluid resuscitation,... Read more

NHFOV vs NIPPV in Preterms with RDS

Weaning premature neonates off mechanical ventilation presents a significant challenge in neonatal respiratory care. The successful... Read more

Consciousness and Awareness in Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest (CA) is common in the United States, with a relatively low survival rate of around 10%. Understanding cognitive... Read more

Radiology and Imaging

The Need to Address Missed and Delayed Cancer Screenings During the Pandemic

In a recent report, published in the journal Cancer, researchers have documented a significant decline in cancer screenings and... Read more

New Findings Aimed at Improving Post-Screening Follow-Up Rates

A new large-scale analysis aims to describe the rate and timeliness of diagnostic resolution following an abnormal screening... Read more

AI Demonstrates Comparable Performance to Human Mammogram Readers

Researchers in the UK conducted a comparative study using a standardised assessment to evaluate the performance of a commercially... Read more

Healthcare IT

Neuralink Set to Begin Human Trials

Elon Musk's controversial biotechnology startup, Neuralink, announced that they have received approval from the independent institutional... Read more

Enhancing Physician Satisfaction and Efficiency through Personalised EHR

The analysis of clinician feedback is critical for pinpointing three fundamental pillars essential to Electronic Health Record... Read more

The Future Landscape of the CIO Position in 2026

In today's IT landscape, many IT leaders prioritise tasks related to security management and enhancing the efficiency of IT operations... Read more


Novo Nordisk Becomes Europe's Most Valuable Firm

Novo Nordisk, the Danish pharmaceutical giant behind the weight-loss medication Wegovy (active ingredient - semaglutide), has... Read more

#ESCCongress: Ambulances Should Take Cardiac Arrest Patients to Closest Emergency Department

A recent trial involving all hospitals in London, U.K., reports no disparity in survival at 30 days in patients with resuscitated... Read more

#ESCCongress2023: Optical Coherence Tomography for Stent Insertion

Late-breaking research presented in a Hot Line session at the ESC Congress 2023 reveals that Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)-guided... Read more

Artificial Intelligence

£21 Million Allocated for Widespread Roll Out of Artificial Intelligence Across the NHS

The Health and Social Care Secretary has announced a £21 million fund to equip NHS staff with cutting-edge artificial intelligence... Read more

CS50 Will Integrate Artificial Intelligence Into Course Instruction

This year, students who enroll in Computer Science 50: Introduction to Computer Science, Harvard’s flagship coding course, will... Read more

AGFA HealthCare Joins the AWS Partner Network

AGFA HealthCare, a leading provider of Enterprise Imaging solutions, is proud to announce that it has joined the Amazon Web... Read more

Finance Management

The Economic Benefits of POCUS: A Win-Win for Providers and Patients through Cost Reduction

The portability, precision, and noninvasive nature of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) empower medical professionals in different... Read more

Navigating Financial Management in Healthcare

The healthcare industry’s expansion brings about heightened complexity in its operations.   Teams are faced with the daunting... Read more

Empowering Africa: Local Manufacturing of Diagnostic Tools

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the global issue of insufficient access to diagnostic tools. In Africa, limited access to affordable... Read more