Decision Support

Evaluating AI-Supported CDS Systems with Real-World Evidence

A new analysis from the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy details the data elements that real-world data (RWD) sources need... Read more

CDS Improves Cardiovascular Health in Patients with Mental Health Disorders

In a study appearing in JAMA Network Open , researchers found that primary care clinicians can significantly lower cardiovascular... Read more

Clinical Decision Support Improve Pneumonia Outcomes

A study published in the  American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine  found that using a clinical decision support (CDS)... Read more

Women's Health

Hologic Ranked #1 for Mammography System Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Global Leader in Women’s Health Recognized with Three IMV ServiceTrak™ Awards for Mammography During RSNA 2022 Hologic... Read more

Study Finds Women with Benign Breast Disease Face Long-Term Risk of Breast Cancer

A population-based study, involving 7778,306 women aged 50-69 years, assesses their risk of breast cancer after participating... Read more

Hologic to Showcase Portfolio of Comprehensive Breast and Skeletal Health Solutions at RSNA 2022

New Affirm® Contrast Biopsy Technology Included in the Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring Solutions on Display... Read more

Enterprise Imaging

PACS Tool Monitors Learning Opportunities and Callbacks

According to a recent study published in  Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology , researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital... Read more

Join Agfa HealthCare at RSNA 2021 – Redefining Radiology

Join Agfa HealthCare at RSNA 2021 – Redefining Radiology

Agfa HealthCare will be participating at RSNA 2021, November 28th-December 2nd in Chicago, IL, USA.   Agfa HealthCare is committed... Read more

Enterprise Imaging and PACS Systems Trends

Radiology enterprise imaging platforms and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) have evolved to facilitate workflows. Specifically,... Read more


Pancreatic Stone Protein for Predicting Perioperative Infection in Cardiac Surgery

According to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC), sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host... Read more

AMR Dilemma: To Give or Not to Give Antibiotics

The two primary reasons for using antibiotics are treating and preventing bacterial infections. However, a leading cause of the... Read more

PSP for Early Diagnosis of Post-Operative Peritonitis, Intra-abdominal Infection, Sepsis

Intra-abdominal infections, postoperative peritonitis, sepsis, septic shock and multiple organ failure have high mortality in... Read more


Patient Stays Are Reduced When Involving Hospitalists in Inpatient Cancer Care

According to a new study, published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, it was found that the inclusion of hospitalists in... Read more

World Kidney Day: “Kidney Health for All: Preparing for the Unexpected, Supporting the Vulnerable!”

On the 9th March, we celebrate World Kidney Day, a global campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys... Read more

Community Health Information Exchange Reduces Likelihood of Re-Hospitalisations and Emergency Visits

A team of researchers conducted a study to assess whether primary care physicians who used a community health information exchange... Read more

ICU and Emergency

Family-Centred Care at End of Life in the ICU

Recent research on end-of-life (EOL) care in the ICU has focused on the importance of communication between ICU clinicians and... Read more

Two Shocks Better Than One?

In a recent investigation, the researchers aimed to answer whether alternative defibrillation strategies, including vector-change... Read more

European Guidelines: Management of Bleeding, Coagulopathy Following Trauma

According to the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study, trauma accounted for 8% of total deaths annually.... Read more

Radiology and Imaging

Ensuring Professional Safety in Radiology

The relationship between people and a healthy work balance is critical. Working conditions are fundamental determinants in this... Read more

Becoming a Good Radiologist

The role and the environment can determine what makes a good radiologist. Personal character will help to determine the career... Read more

Developing More Sustainable Radiology Practices

Climate change is becoming the greatest threat to human health. Between 2030 and 2050, it is estimated that climate change will... Read more

Healthcare IT

CIOs Suggest New Strategies to Improve Hybrid Experience

As a significant number of organisations are working in a hybrid model, the percentage of remote-capable workers working in a... Read more

What Are the Roadblocks Derailing Data-Driven Projects?

A recent data and analytics study looked into why organisations have difficulty in materialising and delivering the promise of... Read more

CIOs Share Lessons and Takeaways from 2022

IT leaders share their thoughts regarding the challenges and opportunities they faced during 2022, including the lessons that... Read more


COVID-19 Vaccines Do Not Increase Risk of Related Adverse Events

According to a study published in the journal Vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines have not been linked to an increased risk of serious... Read more

Calorie Restriction Slows Ageing

A first-of-its-kind randomised controlled trial led by the Butler Columbia Aging Center at Columbia University Mailman School... Read more

COVID-19 Associated with Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

A study published in Cardiovascular Research found that COVID-19 is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and... Read more


Machine Learning Tool Helps Hospitals Reduce Risk of COVID-19

A machine learning tool has been created to help predict patients at high risk of developing COVID-19. The technology has been... Read more

AI Health Worker Used to Tackle Today’s Public Health Issues

The World Health Organization, with support from the Qatar Ministry of Health, recently launched the AI powered digital health... Read more

Self-Supervised AI Overcomes a Significant Limitation in Clinical AI Design

A group of biomedical informaticists and computer scientists, from the universities of Harvard and Stanford, developed a new... Read more