Pixium Portable 3543 DR

Pixium Portable 3543 DR

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Pixium® Portable 3543 DR, optimal ergonomics and complete flexibility

This flat panel detector provides outstanding image and diagnosis quality at a minimal dose for the patient and is compatible with different applications.

Pixium® Portable 3543 DR is a detector which meets all of your needs, either in the radiography room or on a mobile cart, and is an ideal solution for retrofit.  In response to increased demands on the industry, our system is designed to provide a high-quality service at a reduced cost, whilst simultaneously minimising the dose for the patient.


  • State-of-the-art image quality, with a preview rendered in less than 2 seconds.
  • Optimal ergonomics enabling better mobility around the hospital. A cassette-sized (ISO 4090) wireless detector with a weight of 3.1kg and a battery life of 8 hours.
  • Multi-share, all configurations possible:  Several detectors in one room/one detector shared by several rooms and used by several systems.  Automatic connection via infrared or NFC enables total freedom for the user.
  • Auto-detection: this detector works without any generator synchronization.
  • High image storage capacity and multiple uses: workflow for emergency, stitching, etc.


Pixium Portable 3543 DR with Patient Identification


The world’s first portable detector with embedded patient identification


 Click Here fo the full video.


NEW VERSION: Pixium® Portable 3543 DR with Embedded Patient Identification (patented)

This new Pixium® 3543 DR-X detector is a stand-alone device that is able to work in autodetection mode without connection to any external device.  This all-new patient identification quickly attracted media coverage from: European HospitalMedImaging and Imaging Technology News.



  • Images assigned safely to patients from anywhere in the hospital: Thanks to its embedded bar code reader and display.
  • High image storage: After each image capture, the images are stored in the detector.
  • Easy-to-read display: This feature will indicate the number of images taken per patient and the total number of images stored in the device for later upload in the radiology room.
  • Optimized workflow: this unique and patented detector allows stress and errors to be minimised, while also saving time and money.
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