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ArtPix DRF

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ArtPix DRF is a unique imaging platform for dynamic X-Ray applications and delivers outstanding performance in both fluoroscopy and radiography. This solution is fully customisable on several levels: image preferences; user interface and application; installation; and setup of the system.


Adaptation to all users and OEM needs


- ArtPix DRF allows the OEM to reduce integration, certification time and cost through flexibility and reactivity.
- ArtPix DRF enhances radiology department workflow & productivity allowing a higher number of patients to be seen. Unparalleled image quality also improves the accuracy of diagnosis.




- For end-users such as X-Ray technicians, their daily work is facilitated thanks to the easy configuration of the platform and the user-friendly application that controls the generator and remote tables.
For the physician, all adjustments are possible to suit  their own preferences. ArtPix DRF offers high image quality and advanced clinical options to allow them to provide the highest standard of care to their patients.





State of the art dynamic and static images


- A real 10-bit image pipeline and a set of unique algorithms based on parallel computing, provides real-time, full HD images.




Flexibility of adjustments on demand

- Users can customise the imaging platform to suit their preferences, including user-interface, display configuration, image quality and room peripherals.

- Proprietary image processing allows adjustments of the application according to regions of the world, user experience expectations, and preferences.


Embedded multiple advanced applications


- Offers increased value to OEM's with a vast choice of advanced clinical options such as: Tomosynthesis, stitching, and radiation-less positioning.

- It also includes a patient vicinity controlled application for the physician in order to enhance treatment.



Optimised ergonomics facilitating daily use


- The setup, calibration, generator settings and stations can be easily configured by an X-Ray technician guided by the application.
- Thanks to these options and the flexibility to change the configurations, time and money are saved by practitioners allowing for a higher number of patients to be seen.
- The platform has been designed to tackle IT and patient information vulnerabilities. The system is compliant with the latest information security standards.

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