Future of ultrasound Ed: gamification & VR

Future of ultrasound Ed: gamification & VR
Executive Summary

Prof. Paul Sidhu, President of the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB), shares with Healthmanagement.org a preview of his presentations at the forthcoming ECR 2019

The use of ultrasoundsimulationmodels as tools in training and education is among the important topics Prof. Sidhu will discuss at the congress. He says that simulation works just as well when applied to training as using live models with guaranteed uniformity, which is a very good aspect for early education. In particular, the professor sees much potential in using virtualreality and gamification for training and education. Some of this "gaming" technology, he notes, is already there in our daily practice in imaging. In fusion imaging, for example, we are able to use the technique while performing an ultrasound to precisely match findings from CT or MRI scans. 

"When you’re trying to detect a lesion, in effect, you are using the gaming technology to find the lesion by setting coordinate points to pinpoint the area precisely for your ultrasound examination, confidently knowing you are looking at the same thing," Prof. Sidhu explains. "It is already done in practice, and this will continue to improve with the continued innovation in software and new technologies." 

The professor will also be presenting the Luigi Oliva Honorary lecture at ECR 2019. As a pioneer in contrast-enhanced ultrasound and also for the applicationinchildren, Prof. Sidhu says part of his presentation is focused on proving CEUS is indeed ready for clinical practice. "I want to highlight that the main reason for using ultrasound for children is that it is the best imaging modality for the child," he points out. "If you can avoid radiation, could avoid sedation of the child, administering a general anaesthetic, or the iodinated gadolinium contrast agents in the child, you are helping the child as a physician." As the ultrasound contrast is safe for the child, it should be used as often as possible to achieve a diagnosis, he adds. 

About EFSUMB, Prof. Sidhu reveals that they are currently restructuring the society, opening up and making it a very attractive organisation in ultrasound education throughout the world. The group will also be launching all the new guidelines that have been recently published by EFSUMB. The most important of these will be the guidelines on non-liver elastography. "In addition, we are looking at the EUROSON Congress trying to upgrade it and update it to make it more attractive worldwide to physicians and people interested in ultrasound," according to the professor. 

Source: Full article will be published 22 February 2019 in HealthManagement.org,
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Published on : Wed, 13 Feb 2019

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