Braedius Medical Introduces New Cytocam

Braedius Medical Introduces New Cytocam
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New Cytocam
The CytoCam is the latest in bedside technology to observe the human microcirculation using  a handheld video microscope platform for the identification and monitoring of diseases that have potential clinical applications in the areas of Critical Care Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Wound Care and Organ Transplantation.  

Unlike current instruments that were introduced in earlier years, the CytoCam sports a state of the art bedside imaging technology that combines the latest in camera and optical technology with a fan less Medical grade Panel PC Dual core processor system.

The CytoCam is very portable. Mounted on a rolling stand the instrument can be easily rolled from patient room to patient room. The small tactile probe is connected to the medical grade PC which offers a large screen for easy observation by the technician for capturing the videos.

The videos can be stored and easily analyzed on the same PC, allowing quick analysis at the bedside. New CytoCamTools V2 softwareintroducing the concept of Intervention Based Anaylsis as opposed to video based analysis, allowing to easily monitor changes of the microcirculatory parameters. 

  • CytoCam - A Complete Solution for bed-side mircorculatory assessment
  • New high speed Camera adapter developed by Braedius
  • Color support and capability for realtime image processing
  • a high-resolution camera,10 bit RAW, RGB
  • very light and easy to handle
  • high contrast images , up to 90 fps (full resolution)
  • highly accurate, motor assisted focusing
  • very short illumination pulse time for freezing RBC motion
  • camera controller based on medical grade PC for image storage and analysis
  • includes a camera adapter with a dedicated microprocessor for controlling
  • extremely easy user interface. Optional: Remote control by “AirMouse”
  • CytoCamTools Research Edition for camera management, capturing, 
  • file editing and reviewing
  • CytoCamTools Optional Module for analysis of capillary density and flow
 Cytocam Camera
• Sensor
  14 Megapixel:  4416 x 3312 pixels ,
  pixel size : 1,4 x 1,4 μm
  in binning mode:
  2208 x 1648 pixels, pixel size 2,8x2,8  μm
  image area: 6227x4653 μm
  output:  8 bit RAW, RGB
  image transfer rate: 25 fps (full resolution)
• Optics
  Microscopy lens designed for Braedius
  Magnification factor: 4
  Field of view: 1,55 x 1,16 mm
• Focusing
  Focusing: manually controlled motorized
  focusing system,
  Step Size 4 μm, accuracy <2 μm
• Illumination
  Based on Incident Darrkfield Imaging (IDF)
  High Brigthness LEDS
  Standard color: green
  Pulse time: 2 ms
Camera Device Controller
• Based on Medical  grade Panel PC
SSD memory
Fanless system, backup battery
• Camera adapter developed by Braedius
  Dedicated microprocessor for camera control
  High speed data transfer between camera and controller

• Free CytoCamTools Research Edition
  CameraManager , Viewer, Editor
• application and driver  available for Windows 
  7 - 64 bit
• Optional CytoCamTools  Microcirculation
  Assesment module
Safety and Protection
• disposable medically clean protection cap
• sterile protection cap (2014) sleeve

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Published on : Wed, 1 Oct 2014

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