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IMAGING Management

Hybrid Camera to Improve Tumour Diagnosis

2015 02 Jun

A 'hybrid technology' mini camera that combines optical and gamma imaging to improve diagnosis and lymph and tumour removal efficiency, is being developed by researchers from the Universities of Leicester and Nottingham.   The new mobile camera will advance nuclear imaging by allowing imaging procedures at a patient’s bedside, in operating theatres... Read more

IT Management

Smartphone Camera Tool Captures Endoscopic Images

2014 01 Oct

MobileOptx (PA, USA) has developed an easy-to-use device for attaching endoscopes to smartphones to give clinicians more mobility when they use these medical devices. As most physicians carry smartphones, it is logical to use the devices to capture images—both pictures and video—for later review by supervisors, patients, or for the medical record. The... Read more

ICU Management

Braedius Medical Introduces New Cytocam

2014 01 Oct

New Cytocam The CytoCam is the latest in bedside technology to observe the human microcirculation using  a handheld video microscope platform for the identification and monitoring of diseases that have potential clinical applications in the areas of Critical Care Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Wound Care and Organ Transplantation.   Unlike... Read more

IMAGING Management

Special Camera Renders Tumours Visible

2013 08 Nov

Recovery and survival rates in patients suffering from cancer are significantly improved if tumours are removed in their entirety, however it is often very challenging for surgeons to identify and remove tiny clusters of cancer cells. A new camera, which can be used during surgery, enables the visualisation of hidden tumours.  Even the most experienced... Read more