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TeleRay and Radiobotics Partner to Provide Radiology AI on Telehealth Platform

2021 28 Dec

In the United States, 23% of all adults—over 54 million people—have arthritis and x-rays are often used to diagnose these patients. With this partnership Radiobotics will provide its FDA-cleared technology, RBknee™ for users of the TeleRay platform to automatically analyse knee x-rays for signs of osteoarthritis. Tim Kelley, TeleRay CEO believes... Read more

Connecting Data through Crowdsourcing for AI Development

2019 13 Nov

Large data sets are essential in developing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and tools for use in healthcare. Presagen, an AI medical imaging company in Australia, is banking on crowdsourcing in hopes of connecting data from clinics globally to create AI solutions that are scalable and at low cost.   AI developers often rely on localised... Read more

Canon Medical sponsors new and promising AI developments

2019 22 Feb

Artificial Intelligence Exhibition makes Grand Debut at this year’s ECR   Making its grand debut at this year’s ECR, the Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (AIX) will bring AI to the heart of Europe’s biggest radiology congress and technical exhibition. Canon Medical is proud to have reached the sponsorship agreement of the AIX Theater. As... Read more