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IT Management


2016 29 Feb

Recent malware attacks on a hospital in Hollywood and a second in Germany have highlighted the role of human error in paralysing the IT of healthcare and the urgent need to train staff to recognise a cyber-threat. Last month Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre was forced to pay ransom after malware froze its IT systems while Lucas Hospital reverted to...Read more

IT Management


2016 30 Mar

The ‘good guys’ are much more organised and targeted than the ‘bad guys’ which is contributing to the rise in data breaches around the globe,   Paschalis Pissarides, of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association ( ISACA) said at the IDC IT Management Forum in Nicosia. “This is war and we must use military tactics and strategy to win...Read more

IT Management


2017 04 Jul

Insider-caused breaches have proved to be costly for a number of companies, according to a report from cybersecurity firm Forcepoint. Tech experts suggest some training strategies to help your staff from causing data loss or leak.     Technology can do its part in protecting against cyberattacks, but user education is key to bolstering...Read more

IT Management


2019 29 Jan

Artificial intelligence heralds a new phase of the automation era. In order to succeed with AI in healthcare, providers should be prepared to cope with important challenges in this new, technology-driven environment. As tech and automation will greatly influence the way people work, healthcare organisations and policymakers must address education,...Read more