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Epic Systems and Apple Collaborate to Improve Patient Access to EHR Data on Apple Devices

2022 15 Dec

Epic, holding the largest U.S. hospital market share among EHR vendors, is reportedly joining forces with Apple to develop a version of its EHR that would be easier to run on Apple devices.   Apple works with healthcare organisations and with supported EHR vendors so that patients who use the Health app on their Apple device can have easy access... Read more

Health Management

DICOM Metadata - A Useful Resource for Big Data Analytics

2022 13 Sep

This article provides an overview of new ways to represent data combining patient access and DICOM information, advanced use of medical imaging metadata, analysis of radiation dose and image segmentation and deep learning for feature engineering to enrich data. Introduction Data is the world’s  most valuable resource  and it is possible... Read more

IT Management

Patients Want Video Radiology Reports

2022 24 Apr

According a study recently published in the American Journal of Roentgenology , adding video into radiology reports improves patient engagement and help patients better understand their medical conditions.   Patient-centredness has become an increasingly important priority in healthcare, highlighting the significance of good patient communication. For... Read more