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Want to Retain Nursing Staff? Try this.

2016 30 Jan

According to a study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing , the transformational leadership style helps nurses provide better care and also improves the retention of nurses. The study also finds that abusive management practices have a negative impact on patient care and also result in young nurses quitting their jobs early on in their careers. ... Read more

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4 in 5 Nurses Ignore Infection Prevention Guidelines

2016 25 Jan

Only 1 in 5 ambulatory care nurses take standard anti-infection precautions the American Journal of Infection Control has reported. A study published in the journal, the official publication of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), said that only 17.4 percent of ambulatory care nurses confirmed compliance... Read more

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Future Nursing Supply Set to Drop

2015 27 Sep

As previously predicted, nursing shortage ten years from now may not be as dire as initially forecasted. However research still suggests that there will be approximately a 4 percent shortfall (130,000 nurses) by 2025. The findings are published in the current issue of  Medical Care. Researchers from Montana State University and Darthmouth College... Read more

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Sweden Experiments with Six Hour Nursing Shifts

2015 22 Sep

A small group of elderly-care nurses in Sweden have made changes to their work schedule in order to improve quality and efficiency. The nurses have switched from an eight hour to six hour working day for the same wage. This is the first controlled trial of shorter hours in Sweden. The nurses who are part of this change feel that they are much more... Read more

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12 Hour Nursing Shifts Triggering Dissatisfaction

2015 17 Sep

According to research published in BMJ Open , working 12+ hour shifts is linked to a heightened risk of burnout, job dissatisfaction, and intention to leave among hospital nurses.  Working long shifts is very common in England, Ireland and Poland but this research reveals that job satisfaction and burnout are issues that are already of concern in... Read more

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Nurse Injury Prevention Pays Off

2015 02 Sep

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, hospitals say that they have made encouraging progress amid efforts to protect nurses from workplace injuries.  Early this year, a report form National Public Radio found that hospitals could do much more to protect nurses from injuries while on the job. It is believed that nurses incur more musculoskeletal... Read more

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Vital Connection between Nurses and Smartphones

2015 14 Jun

According to a new survey by InCrowd, a Boston-based market intelligence firm, nurses rely more than ever on smartphones for clinical care. The survey was conducted with 241 nurses and showed that 95 percent of the respondents own a smartphone and 88 percent use smartphone apps at work. 52 percent said that they use an app instead of asking a colleague... Read more

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Management Innovation at HOPE AGORA 2015

2015 09 Jun

Healthcare management innovation in the fields of patient care, clinical work, nursing, human resources and information systems were high on the agenda at the thirty fourth European Hospital and Healthcare Federation Agora (HOPE AGORA) congress held in Warsaw on the first two days of June. Held on the theme of “Hospitals 2020: hospitals of the future,... Read more

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Loyola and Gottlieb Earn Top Nursing Ratings

2015 22 May

According to a report released by non-profit hospital watchdog The Leapfrog Group, Loyola University Medical Center and Gottlieb Memorial Hospital have earned top ratings in standards for nursing. The Leapfrog Group asks general hospitals and free-standing paediatric hospitals in the U.S. to voluntarily complete the survey. The survey is used to report... Read more

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Treating Patients with Dignity

2015 23 Apr

A study by Brunel University, London suggests that health and social care professionals put a different emphasis on the meaning of dignity than their patients do. The study has uncovered a gap between what patients expect and the focus of care professionals. The study included 33 health and social care professionals in eight focus groups. The participants described... Read more