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Hospital at Home Asia 2022

2022 25 Nov

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The Nursing Workforce Needs Greater Investment

2022 13 May

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) released its International Nurses Day (IND) toolkit on 12 May 2022, a report that provides multisectoral guidance to nursing stakeholders globally. In releasing this document, ICN’s goal is to support the implementation of the WHO Global Strategic Directions for Nursing and Midwifery: 2021-2025 (SDNM) . The... Read more

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12 May 2022 is International Nurses Day

2022 11 May

To mark the contributions that nurses make to society, International Nurses Day is internationally observed every year on 12 May, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth, since 1974.   Every year, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) provides promotional and educational material in support of this day. Each year, International Nurses... Read more

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2022 09 Feb

My dear readers,   It is time again for thoughts from the island of Great Britain. I hope you had an excellent and HEALTHY start to the new year! The first month is over, and another eleven are ahead of us. I am sure we all know that the next few months will be pretty challenging for all of us.   I missed my January article for some good reasons. Well,... Read more

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ENDA 2022

2022 14 Sep

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National Healthcare CNO Summit 2021

2021 20 Sep

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Effect of Nurse Staffing Ratios on Sepsis Care

2020 29 Dec

While adherence to evidence-based protocols for sepsis care ('SEP-1 bundles') can help reduce in-hospital mortality and length of stay, a new U.S. study ( Lasater et al. 2020) says improving patient-to-nurse staffing ratios has greater impact on patient outcomes.   You might also like: How preventable are in-hospital sepsis-associated... Read more

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Nursing World Conference - NWC 2021

2021 18 Oct

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Report Errors to Improve Practice

2020 06 Jul

Medical errors must be prevented as much as possible so as not to jeopardise patient safety. In nursing, studies have found that the most common mistakes are made in relation to medication, documentation, infection prevention, miscommunication and falls.   You might also like: New hospital policies and procedures required for... Read more