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Executive Health Management


2019 02 Oct

Summary: Groundbreaking study at the University at Buffalo uses brain stimulation to assess how large-scale patterns of brain activity could vary between cognitive systems and across people. Our research at the University at Buffalo explores brain activity and its association with cognitive systems. Each cognitive system consists of a network...Read more

Executive Health Management


2020 29 Jan

Summary: We might be ready for the new hospital and the new healthcare system, but are we ready for the empowered patient? When we talk about the future of healthcare or the future of healthcare systems and hospitals, we tend to overlook one very important aspect: the patient. Yes, advanced technology, artificial intelligence, big data, machine...Read more



2023 05 Apr

Volume expansion, the initial therapeutic measure for septic shock, involves the intravenous injection of a few hundred millilitres of fluid over a few minutes. However, using fluids in septic patients is a complex strategy, with various types of fluids available. The effects of fluid boluses are inconsistent and transient, and fluids carry risks,...Read more