uMR 570

uMR 570
Wide-bore. Rediscovered.

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Powered by the exclusive uCS (united Compressed Sensing) platform, the uMR® 570 provides fast and high-resolution imaging and excellent performance of a comprehensive range of clinical applications. The uMR® 570 starts with an optimal combination of advanced hardware to deliver high homogeneity for extraordinary results.


  • Powerful System (Industry-leading Uniform Magnet, 70cm Wide Bore)
  • uCS®2.0 Platform (uCS®2.0 Imaging Technology, uCS®2.0 Processing Engine)
  • Efficient Workflow (Intelligent and Automatic Table Positioning, EasyPlan, EasyScan)

uCS®2.0 Platform

The uCS®2.0 Platform enables efficient application of compressed sensing with a routine clinical workflow for 2D/3D/4D MR exams. The uCS®2.0 imaging technology pushes clinical boundaries of isotropic resolution and dynamic imaging speed.
uCS®2.0 Imaging Technology

The uCS®2.0 Imaging Technology combines the strength of conventional acceleration technologies and innovative compressed sensing, bringing shorter scan times and higher image resolution of MRI with a maximum acceleration factor of 16x and sub-millimeter isotropic spatial resolution.

uCS®2.0 Processing Engine

The uCS®2.0 Processing Engine is a high-performance computing hardware platform that includes memory, data network and a premier CPU. The intelligent reconstruction algorithm complements the outstanding computational power, resulting in ultra-fast reconstruction.


Efficient Workflow

Intelligent and Automatic Table Positioning

ONE-click automatic table positioning without a laser light.


Automatic multi-step scan planning and image stitching with ONE-click.


Intelligent, automatic, and consistent anatomical orientation.

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