Blood Analysis System with epoc® NXS Host

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Advance care delivery by bringing critical testing patient-side

What could happen when critical testing results are securely delivered patient-side in less than 1 minute with a system that securely connects the entire care team?

With the epoc® Blood Analysis System as the nexus of care, caregivers and the laboratory can stay connected to what’s important—being where patients need them most.

Features & Benefits


The epoc system connects the patient, actionable test results,the care team, and the therapy they deliver.

Patient diagnosis and treatment may happen faster. The hospital may make better use of resources. Patient safety may be enhanced with a simplified testing process and integrated positive patient ID. The streamlined testing workflow could help reduce costs. Outcomes could improve, and a complete, consistent clinical picture would be accessible across the care continuum. 

epoc NXS Hospital Hotspot


Healthcare providers spend more time with the patient to drive faster diagnosis and treatment decisions.


How can enhanced safety and a simplified testing process provide confidence and peace of mind?
The epoc system connects the entire team, so it doesn’t matter if the laboratory staff and caregivers work in different parts of the hospital. With the epoc system, they stand together to advance care delivery.
“The purpose of the 2017 National Patient Safety Goals is to improve patient safety. Two goals highlighted to address problems were to identify patients correctly and improve staff communication.”

Actionable results in less than 1 minute at the patient's side.


Results reflect that patient's immediate condition, not their condition 30 minutes ago.


Perform Test


Leverage centralized control of decentralized testing with secure, wireless communication and our POC Informatics Solutions


The epoc system provides bidirectional communication with POCcelerator data manager, allowing caregivers the ability for device, operator and inventory management, along with quality control. This provides the ability to proactively manage data across the hospital, giving you centralized control over decentralized testing.


Connected Comprehensive Care


Manage, configure, control, and troubleshoot testing on epoc, RAPIDPoint® and RAPIDLab® blood gas systems with our POC Ecosystem™ Solution. Enable the monitoring of information from every connected analyzer, including epoc Blood Analysis Systems and test devices with more than 40 manufacturers, with our POCcelerator Data Management System.


Connected Comprehensive Care


POC Ecosystem™ Solution


Whatever your device mix and wherever critical testing takes place, Siemens Healthineers’ POC Informatics help advance workforce productivity, improve clinical workflows, satisfy compliance and accreditation requirements, and optimize the management of resources.


POC Ecosystem Solution



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Sample Size


Sample volume

At least 92 μL





Time to result

Less than 1 minute



Quality Control



Eurotrol GAS-ISE Metabolites (with BUN)

Eurotrol Calibration Verification Fluids (with BUN)

Eurotrol Hct Control


Eurotrol Hematocrit Verification Fluid



Test Card



Automatically performed prior to every test



Shelf life

Up to 5 months



Integrated Barcode Scanner



For Patient ID, Operator ID, and ampuled QC;

1D and 2D bar-code symbologies



Operating System



Android 9.0

Data Security


Patient Data encryption

Encrypted end-to-end data transmission

No hard-coded password

No user access to operating system




Real Time Wireless, LIS/HIS via data management system, 

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