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Today more than ever, access to healthcare should be a matter of course. But barriers still exist that limit the reach and quality of care – patient groups that diverge from the norm, infrastructure constraints that limit accessibility, or clinical applications that cannot be offered. For MRI, those barriers may seem prohibitive, but often they are only imposed by conventions.

If we dare to question conventions and pursue new avenues, we can break down those barriers and expand the reach of MRI.




MAGNETOM Free.Max breaks barriers to expand the reach of MRI. Where patients have felt discomfort, the world's first 80 cm bore sets a new paradigm in patient comfort. Where infrastructure was an obstacle to MRI, MAGNETOM Free.Max slots into an existing helium-free infrastructure. Where access to MRI was not viable, MAGNETOM Free.Max makes access affordable. And where conventions have limited our thinking, MAGNETOM Free.Max breaks out of conventions to explore new clinical opportunities in MRI.


When barriers are left behind new opportunities arise...

High-V MRI – Value beyond barriers

Digitalization is rapidly transforming MR imaging by applying highly efficient acquisition techniques and deep learning-based reconstruction. High-V MRI takes the power of digitalization and deliberately applies it to a new field strength of 0.55T with inherent clinical benefits. High-V MRI combines the best of both worlds to offer a new era in MRI that embraces diagnostic confidence in daily routine and new clinical opportunities.

See things never seen before

When you dare to break conventions, new opportunities arise. The unique field strength of 0.55T with High-V MRI offers inherent physical benefits that overcome the limitations of today’s MR imaging. MAGNETOM Free.Max offers exciting new clinical applications that expand the reach of MRI and break the barriers of MR physics.

Diagnostic confidence for daily excellence

MAGNETOM Free.Max excels in image quality. For your daily routine, this translates into uncompromised diagnostic confidence. Powered by our unique innovations in the field of image acquisition and deep learning based reconstruction MAGNETOM Free.Max delivers excellent diagnostic quality for your standard clinical MRI applications.

See below what's possible with High-V MRI at 0.55T.

The world’s first 80 cm patient bore

Putting the patient at ease is the first step of patient care. With the world’s very first and only 80 cm patient bore, MAGNETOM Free.Max breaks barriers in patient comfort and accessibility – making the experience a realistic option for claustrophobic, anxious, and more corpulent patients.

Infrastructure radically simplified

Only the need for MRI should define where it is located. MAGNETOM Free.Max is our most compact whole-body MRI and with DryCool technology it provides a virtually helium-free infrastructure. MAGNETOM Free.Max radically simplifies infrastructure requirements to break down the barriers imposed by siting constraints.

Intuitive operation for any professional

MAGNETOM Free.Max with myExam Companion breaks down the barriers of complex MRI operations. Using the new possibilities of digitalization and AI, data is turned into integrated expertise and tailored assistance to benefit the user and address the clinical question. Enter the era of intuitive MRI with BioMatrix Technology and syngo Virtual Cockpit.

Redefining MRI affordability

A viable business is the prerequisite to expand the reach of MRI. MAGNETOM Free.Max breaks down financial barriers resulting in new opportunities to offer MRI right at the front line of diagnostic services.

Stay connected to be one step ahead

While you focus on caring for your patients, we stay connected to care for your MRI. Siemens Healthineers’ innovative service uses the preventive intelligence of Guardian Program to solve technical issues before downtimes occur. We stay connected to keep you one step ahead.


The digital transformation of MRI


Siemens Healthineers is bringing the digital revolution to your MRI practice. We are constantly perfecting our acquisition technologies to achieve higher image quality while reducing patient slot times. And now with Deep Resolve, we have introduced deep learning-based reconstruction to further enhance the quality of outcomes. MAGNETOM Free.Max leverages the full potential of the digital power of Siemens Healthineers for the utmost in diagnostic quality. 


Improved implant imaging with High-V MRI


Imaging metal implants has historically been difficult with conventional MRI systems as metal causes artifacts. High-V MRI offers intrinsic physical advantages that result in reduced metal distortions and therewith strongly improved diagnostic capabilities for implant imaging.


New opportunities in pulmonary imaging with High-V MRI


Pulmonary imaging has been notoriously difficult with conventional MRI as the air-tissue interfaces result in a fast signal decay. These challenges scale with magnetic field strength which makes High-V MRI the perfect opportunity for pulmonary imaging. As a result, High-V MRI provides possibilities to expand the reach of pulmonary MRI.


Reduced susceptibility challenges with High-V MRI


Susceptibility artifacts are a well know phenomena in MRI. One prominent example for such artifacts are at air-tissue interfaces, as they occur at the sinuses and orbits. The unique field strength of High-V MRI offers physical advantages that inherently reduce susceptibility artifacts. This leads to reduced geometric distortions in diffusion imaging which results in improved diagnostic quality.


Installation costs cut by more than 30%1 at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland


We documented the installation of MAGNETOM Free.Max at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. The scanner was moved smoothly through the normal hospital doors and hallways. See for yourself just how easy MRI scanner installation can be.


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