MEDICON: 5G Will Take mHealth to New Level

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MEDICON launched on Thursday with a special session on mHealth Medical Video communication Systems.

In a presentation, Towards 5G Health for Medical Video Streaming over Small Cells, Nada Philip Associate Professor at Kingston University spoke about both the potential and challenges for mHealth.

“There is no dedicated network for medical applications,” Philip said, indicating how heavy online activity can undermine medical applications.  “By 2018, video will make up 79% of online traffic.”

5G will enable a revolution of mHealth, Philip said, as it will enable the transfer of data in a reliable way.  “The model of healthcare is moving towards care in the home,” she said. “5G will help bridge the gap between urban and rural areas.”

The challenges are seamless coverage, spectral efficiency, usability, interoperability and cost. Security and data quality are also obstacles for successful exploitation of 5G, Philip said.

In the same session, delegates presented on advances in fish-eye cameras for use by the elderly at home and successful European research on a tele-operated robot for ultrasonography over 4G-LTE.

The three-day Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing congress is taking place in Paphos, Cyprus until April 2.

“Medicon 2016 provides a common platform for the cross fertilisation of ideas, and to help shape knowledge and scientific achievements by bridging complementary disciplines into an interactive and attractive forum under the special theme of the conference that is Systems Medicine for the Delivery of Better Healthcare Services,” a press release said.

Talks on tech include Cognitive Computing for eHealth, mHealth Medical Video Communication Systems, Wearable Sensors and Sensor Networks, Robotics, Gamification and Integrated HTA and FMECA Methodology for the Evaluation of Robotic Surgery. 



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Published on : Fri, 1 Apr 2016

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