UK Imaging Platform for COVID-19 Management


A UK hospital Trust has launched a platform for secure communications based on medical image to support staff workflow of COVID-19 cases.

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Named Bleepa, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said it is rolling out the system immediately, for better management of its response to the virus and of infected patients.

The Trust has enrolled 200 acute medical front line clinicians Around 200 front line on Bleepa.


Medical imaging plays a big role in COVID-19 management through chest X-rays, CT scans and even ultrasound. Bleepa makes relevant imaging available and captures dialogue from clinicians. All of this data is added to the patient record after admission.


Bleepa enables clinicians to share, annotate and discuss medical-grade images and patient cases through their personal devices, working collaboratively while working remotely.


The app is also being deployed by the Trust to Bleepa for a trial run by research nurses assessing the recovery pathway of diverse COVID-19 patient groups


The Trust trialled Bleepa for several months leading to development of a more refined version of the app with a smart form for clinical data entry and the ability to designate patients with a clinical status.


This enhances ease of tracking as cases move through clinical pathways.


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Published on : Wed, 22 Apr 2020

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COVID-19 Bleepa Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Imaging radiology A UK hospital Trust launches an app for streamlined imaging workflow for COVID-19 management.

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