Mayo Clinic Offers Online Video Education

 Mayo Clinic Offers Online Video Education
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Mayo Clinic has recently announced that it will be offering online video education for medical professionals.  This will include lectures and clinical presentations on innovation and progress in research, patient care and medical education.  These courses will be available for medical professionals through the institute’s online medical professional video center. 

A wide variety of medical knowledge is expected to be delivered to participants.  This will include lectures on new practices and procedures, new and advanced treatment options for different diseases, ground-breaking and upcoming research and related medical knowledge on a variety of specialties including radiology, pulmonary care, oncology, cardiology, diagnostic imaging and many others. Medical professionals will be able to understand clinical progress as well as medical diseases in greater depth.  For example a lecture on Choline C-11 used for treating recurrent prostate cancer will describe its benefits to patients and will also include information about production, imaging and processing facilities that are required to deliver this treatment. Similarly, procedures such as faecal microbiota transplant for example will provide participants step-by-step details on how the procedure is completed and what the process involves.    

John T. Wald, M.D. and the Medical Director for Marketing and Public Affairs at Mayo Clinic explains the objective of these online courses. He states, “In addition to serving our patients here, we are committed to sharing information with the world of medicine. We are constantly developing, refining and improving new and better techniques in medicine. We have a moral responsibility to share that information with the wider medical community and are enabling that distribution through the Medical Professional Video Center,”

These online lectures are available to medical professionals at These courses provide information about clinical diseases and conditions and their treatment as well as research advancements in these disease areas. There are also courses on procedures and surgeries.  The online videos can also be accessed through the National Library of Medicine website.  New video presentations and lectures are added regularly on this online platform.  Other resources are also available to medical professionals including clinical updates, publications, newsletters and other similar material.

The delivery of online education is another step in the right direction for Mayo Clinic as it continues to adopt technology for not only improving healthcare but to ensure it reaches a wide audience. 

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Published on : Thu, 17 Jul 2014

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Medicine, training, IT technology, Mayo Clinic, online education Mayo Clinic has recently announced that it will be offering online video education for medical professionals. This will include lectures and clinical pres...

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