HealthManagement, Volume 16 - Issue 3, 2016

EAHM Congress Preview

EAHM Congress Preview
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Everybody in healthcare across the C-Suite, clinician, policy-maker, nursing and IT spectrum is aware of how critical ‏the situation is by now; healthcare in Europe is just ‏not sustainable. The demands facing European healthcare ‏systems are becoming greater with increased life expectancy, ‏new pathologies and the rise of chronic disease. Added ‏to this is a highly-monitored environment and increase in ‏awareness of patient rights and, quite rightly, higher expectations ‏from this body. At the same time, technology is swiftly ‏developing alongside advances in diagnostics. This all should ‏point to better patient outcomes but the bottom line is that ‏few hospital budgets can sustain the related costs in a time ‏of public cuts.


The 26th European Association of Hospital Managers (EAH M) ‏Congress organised jointly with the National Association of ‏Hospital Medical Directors (AN MDO ), will put all of these ‏issues in the spotlight under the title of Sustainable Healthcare, ‏Needs, Responsibility and Competence with an array of ‏eminent experts invited from around the continent to provide ‏insights into how to effectively manage the changes taking ‏place in healthcare.


“It is this gap between the health systems ‘inputs’ and ‏‘outcomes’ that hospital management have to bridge – that is ‏our responsibility,” say EAH M and AN MDO about the theme for ‏this year’s event. “We can confidently predict that the demands ‏on and for healthcare will only continue to increase, the gap ‏will widen and the challenges will grow if left unchecked. This ‏requires appropriate solutions both now and in the future ‏to prevent a crash of our health systems and to guarantee ‏sustainability. This challenging responsibility for hospital ‏management demands competence and leadership to ‏expertly steer internal processes efficiently and effectively.” ‏Speakers will share their experience on how to meet the ‏challenges of sustainability in healthcare in the immediate ‏and longer-term future.


“Through such expert collaboration and shared learning we ‏can articulate the required competencies to contribute to a ‏sustainable health care system and convince our politicians ‏and stakeholders, that public financing of healthcare is not ‏purely a question of cost but also an undeniable investment ‏in the future welfare of people.”


Additionally, participants will get the opportunity to exchange ‏ideas during podium discussions and interactive breakout ‏sessions in an exploration of specific themes and a search ‏for solutions.


The congress takes place in mid-October. Satellite professional ‏and social programmes will enhance the two-day ‏congress and offer further opportunities for networking ‏amongst participants.


The gathering will start with a pre-congress event on the ‏theme of Future Hospitals organised with Siais on Wednesday, ‏October 12. It will cover themes that include future trends ‏in hospital functions, the future of single-speciality hospitals, ‏the building flexibility, structure and management efficiency ‏(routes, transportation and supplies) and elements characterising ‏the quality and comfort for patients and medical practitioners. At the end of the seminar there will be a technical ‏visit to the cardiothoracic vascular Medical Centre at Saint ‏Orsola Malpighi University Hospital in Bologna. ‏On the same day there will also be a meeting amongst board ‏members and Excom members.


The congress proper will open on Thursday, 13 October with ‏a performance by the Choir Collegium Musicum (Alma Mater ‏Studiorum) University of Bologna. EAH M President, Gerry O’ ‏Dwyer and AN MDO National President Gianfranco Finzi will ‏introduce the event. A keynote speech by Paolo Biscottini, ‏“Il corpo dell’uomo”, will introduce the first session of the ‏congress, Sustainability and the Future of Healthcare Systems. ‏Presentations on the future-oriented welfare systems, new ‏paradigms in medicine and in ethics, the example of oncology; ‏how to measure appropriate expenses and a panel discussion ‏will follow.


On the morning of Friday, October 14, the congress will open ‏with a session on Values and Liability of Professionals. A rich ‏range of topics bound to be of interest to healthcare professionals ‏include values and liability of professionals, quality in ‏healthcare 2030: a challenge for hospitals, ethics in management ‏and patient outcomes. This will be followed by a panel ‏discussion of healthcare leaders and experts.


The third session of the congress is on Friday afternoon. ‏Focusing on Leadership and Competence of Managers, themes ‏covered include the role of CEO ’s in improving the quality ‏of hospital outcomes, leadership needs for sustainability of ‏healthcare, facing up to the challenges of System Leadership, ‏a diffused leadership for high-value healthcare. ‏Two satellite sessions will focus on the central topics of IT ‏health Information Exchange in a range of European countries ‏and Mental Health.


Bologna is a historic spot so congress organisers have ‏prepared an opportunity for family or friends who are accompanying ‏congress participants to enjoy the town itself and ‏surrounding cities with optional tours to Florence, Parma and ‏Ferrarra at an additional cost.


On both days partners from the healthcare industry will ‏provide an overview of their products and services in an attractive ‏exhibition, presenting innovations and imparting specialist ‏knowledge in their own workshops.


Before and after the day programme participants will have ‏the chance to engage in further intensive exchanges of ideas, ‏discussions, and networking with a Gala Diner on Thursday ‏kicking off these opportunities.


The 26th European Association of Hospital Managers ‏Congress takes place from October 13 – 14, 2016 in Bologna ‏Italy at the Palazzo dei Congressi. For more information ‏and registration go to:

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