• Hans Erik Henriksen

    Hans Erik Henriksen is CEO of Epital Health. Epital Health delivers patient centered digital health solutions and services which help society and healthcare authorities manage chronic patients to improve their quality of life. Until 2021, Hans Erik Henriksen was CEO of Healthcare DENMARK. Healthcare DENMARK is a public-private partnership organisation, with a national mandate to promote Danish healthcare solutions and competencies abroad. He has a solid healthcare background from different executive positions during the latest 20 years including being responsible for IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences in the Northern and Eastern part of Europe.

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    CEO Epital Health

Featured in HealthManagement.org

  •  Hans Erik Henriksen

    Profitable Future Hospitals

    • 11:17 AM, Aug 30

    Today’s hospitals are challenged by increasing demands and needs for hospital treatment by an ageing population and a general increase in the number of chronic patients. New players in the healthcare arena who today offer digital health services (e.g. Amazon, Google and Apple) threaten to further disrupt the current hospital landscape with new organisations and services. Hospitals can react to these...

  •  Hans Erik Henriksen

    Chronic Disease Management - Paradigm Shift to Reduce Costs & Maintain

    • 10:01 AM, Oct 20

    Resources and costs associated with the treatment of chronic diseases account for more than 80% of total healthcare costs in many countries. As our population grows older and with more lifestyle issues and obesity among younger generations, the challenge of chronic diseases will increase in the coming years. New research documents that a new approach to chronic patients can significantly reduce...

  •  Hans Erik Henriksen

    Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste - Strategic opportunities After CO

    • 10:05 AM, Mar 19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged countries to accelerate innovation and digitalisation in healthcare in order to find new ways to cope with the crisis. As we hopefully soon can lay the pandemic behind us and get back to a new normal, there is a window of opportunity to grab and build on digitalisation and innovation progress made during the pandemic which can lead to significant long-term benefits....

  •  Hans Erik Henriksen

    Public-Private Partnerships: A Win-Win for Danish Healthcare and for t

    • 01:17 PM, Nov 13

    Summary: The Danish model shows that, when Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) work, they can usher in innovation and solutions previously regarded as out of reach. While healthcare authorities in many countries are experiencing increasing demands and costs due to an ageing population and more patients with chronic diseases, they are, at the same time, in a kind of opposition to healthcare...

  •  Hans Erik Henriksen

    National Telehealth Can Save Money and Improve Health

    • 10:22 PM, May 07

    Since its introduction into the Danish healthcare landscape, telehealth has shown that it can lead to better outcomes and reduced costs. Hans Erik Henriksen, of Healthcare Denmark, writes about the difference telehealth has made to the senior population in recent years.   Over recent years, Denmark has conducted a  number of telehealth pilot projects, which has given them the knowledge to


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