• Aaron Hill

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    Email —  ******@***fpmarkets.com
    Analyst/Head of Education FP Markets —  UK

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  •  Aaron Hill

    The Psychological Struggle: A Trading Mindset

    • 11:48 AM, Oct 30

    An overview of the psychological struggle many professional traders experience and how they can circumvent common pitfalls and save time.   Key Points Fear is one of the primary factors behind failure to achieve consistent success. It is impossible to eliminate emotion from trading, though one can learn to control their response to the emotional challenges from engaging with the...

  •  Aaron Hill

    The Distinction Between Trading and Investing

    • 11:17 AM, Aug 30

    An overview of the basics of the financial market, differences in trading and investing and risk management strategies.   Key Points The financial market can seem confusing and is often an unnerving space for the untrained eye. Two terms that are often used interchangeably are trading and investing, despite possessing different meanings. Investing involves holding (and maintaining)...


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