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Executive Health Management

J.P. MORGAN 41st Annual Healthcare Conference - JPM 2023

2023 09 Jan

Find J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. on Social Media Read more

ICU Management

Continuous Monitoring of Patients Using Wearable Technology

2022 27 Apr

Vital sign deterioration may be preventable if strategies are used to identify patients at a higher risk. Early Warning Score (EWS) systems were developed many years ago to identify patients at risk of clinical deterioration using physiological parameter-based protocols. Since then, many hospitals have adopted periodic vital sign monitoring protocols... Read more

Cardiology Management

Wearable Technology for Cardiology: Barriers to Wider Use

2017 15 Aug

The past decade has seen the emergence of many new wearable medical devices, including several that have been widely adopted by both physicians and consumers. However, absence of useful and validated clinical applications, measurement validation, and data safety concerns are among the additional barriers to the widespread medical application of... Read more

IT Management

Frost & Sullivan: Connected Life Market Will Drive Change and Growth

2015 27 Mar

Groundbreaking keynote addresses by Genomics England and Google for Work showcasing global leadership in connectivity and convergence driven innovation at GIL 2015: Europe in London We are living a connected life in a connected world. Our smartphone is our gateway to the world and very soon we will be able to connect our glasses, watch, thermostat,... Read more

IT Management

Flexible Nanosensors Adhere to Skin To Measure Vital Signs

2015 26 Feb

Flexible nanosensors which can adhere to biological surfaces such as human skin will improve the use of wearable devices that measure breath, heart pressure and temperature. The low-cost technology developed by researchers at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) Institute of Optoelectronics Systems and Microtechnology (ISOM) uses standard polycarbonate... Read more

IT Management

Accessory Lens for Google Glass Expands Visual Field

2015 17 Feb

Medical professionals who use Google Glass for training and surgical applications may soon have an expanded visual field, thanks to an accessory lens which is awaiting US patent approval. The “Google Lens” device was developed by professors Jibo He and Barbara Chaparro at Wichita State University (WSU) in Kansas, with the help of WSU graduate student... Read more

IT Management

Smart Bracelets Monitor Elderly Who Live Alone

2015 12 Feb

Wearable devices are not only for tech-savvy young adults. A new smart bracelet can remotely monitor the health of elderly adults in real-time, and can alert health professionals in case of an emergency such as a fall or heart attack. The bracelet was designed by Francisco Lopez-Lira Fennel, the founder of Cualli Software, which hopes to market the... Read more

IT Management

Wearable Health Technology Not Sufficient For Sustained Behaviour Changes

2015 14 Jan

Wearable technology can facilitate healthy changes in behaviour, encouraging optimal diet, sleep and activity patterns, but devices must be coupled with motivation in order to derive lasting changes. The simple recording of data which contributes to a so-called “quantified self” may be educational, but it is not enough to drive the adoption of healthy... Read more

IT Management

An Analysis of Wearable Electronic Activity Monitors

2014 27 Sep

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly common these days, with Google Glass and the recently-announced Apple Watch must-have items for the tech-savvy consumer. When it comes to wearable technology for health monitoring, electronic activity monitors are popular. New research from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has recently... Read more

IT Management

Accenture and Philips Announce Proof of Concept App

2014 08 Aug

Innovative technology shows how ALS patients could gain greater control of their lives through brain, voice and eye commands Software connects Emotiv Insight Brainware to wearable display that allows wearers to command Philips Hue lighting, SmartTV and Lifeline products Royal Philips and Accenture have announced that they have developed... Read more