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Executive Health Management

Measuring Healthcare Outcomes to Deliver Value and Lower Costs

2019 13 Nov

Summary: A new initiative, called ACS THRIVE (Transforming Healthcare Resources to Increase Value and Efficiency), was launched this summer to help hospitals and surgical practices improve patient outcomes while lowering the cost of delivering care. A collaboration between the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and Harvard Business School's (HBS)... Read more

Executive Health Management

VBHC Prize Event 2019

2019 18 Apr

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Executive Health Management

IFC Global Private Health Conference 2019

2019 27 Mar

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Health Management

Award-Winning Diabetes Clinic with VBHC Approach

2017 21 Aug

Diabeter explains how a focus on best outcomes leads to cost reductions and an ‘Olympic’ team   The 2017 Value-Based Healthcare (VBH C) Award, organised by the VBH C Center, Europe, saw 14 outstanding initiatives presented, but it was Diabeter that took the first prize.   Diabeter is a patient-centric, Dutch-certified clinic network that... Read more

IMAGING Management

RSNA16: Back to Basics for Radiology, Says RSNA President

2016 28 Nov

Value-based healthcare, a team-based approach and continued innovation in radiology are driving the focus on looking beyond imaging to push radiology forward, said Richard L. Baron, president of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), speaking at the annual scientific meeting in Chicago this week. It is not a change of culture that is required,... Read more

IMAGING Management

Step Away from the Reading Room to Show Value

2016 21 Nov

In the era of value-based patient-centred healthcare, one way for radiologists to demonstrate value beyond radiology reporting is to take part in multidisciplinary tumour boards (MTBs), say Michele D, Lesslie and Jay R. Parikh, from the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, writing in Academic Radiology... Read more

ICU Management

Measuring ICU Performance in Value-Based Healthcare Era

2016 29 Jul

In the move to value-based payment for U.S. healthcare, performance measures will increase in importance, and will focus on clinical quality, resource utilisation, clinical practice improvement and meaningful use of electronic health record technology. Current performance measures, however, often lack validity and interdisciplinary measures are needed... Read more

ICU Management

Resource Allocation in Healthcare: Have We Misjudged Societal Values?

2016 30 May

Equitable Healthcare With increased emphasis on financial constraint in healthcare, resource allocation discussions are heard more commonly in clinical departments. As agents of the patient, clinicians are faced with struggles to ensure that individual patients can receive costly treatments, despite growing demands for healthcare throughout society.... Read more

IMAGING Management

MIR 2015: Creating High Value Patient-Centred Radiological Care

2015 09 Oct

Creating a culture of high value patient-centred radiological care is achievable and has a strong business case, says Geraldine McGinty , New York, a strong advocate of patient-centred care and Imaging 3.0™. Speaking at the Management in Radiology (MIR) annual meeting in Barcelona, McGinty told a tale of two cities, illustrating how services in very... Read more

IMAGING Management

#UKRC2015: Higher Value Imaging According to Muir Gray

2015 29 Jun

The future is in our hands, according to Professor Sir Muir Gray presenting the Mayneord Lecture at UKRC 2015 in Liverpool today. Clinicians rather than health service commissioners need to be deciding how resources are spent on population imaging. “The future is something we have to imagine, design, plan and construct”, added Gray. Two healthcare... Read more