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Reversing Sepsis-Induced Hypotension

2022 25 Aug

Sepsis is characterised by hypovolaemia and vasodilation. It is also characterised by organ dysfunction secondary to a dysregulated immune response of the host to the microbial pathogen. Prompt identification, early treatment with appropriate antibiotics, and fluid resuscitation can improve patient outcomes. Patients with cirrhosis and sepsis are a... Read more

ICU Management

FRISC Study: Fluid and Resuscitation Protocols in Sepsis-Induced Hypotension in Cirrhosis

2021 08 Jun

  One of the most common causes of hospitalisation and mortality in patients with cirrhosis is sepsis and septic shock. However, despite the routine presence of this condition, there is very limited data on the choice of fluid and resuscitation protocols in sepsis-induced hypotension in cirrhosis.   The F luid R esuscitation in S epsis I nduced... Read more