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2022 31 Aug

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Patient Engagement – An Adjuvant Therapy With Demonstrable ROI

2021 20 Oct

An overview of patient engagement, benefits of investing in patient engagement programmes and why elevating patient engagement should be an essential business spend for patient safety, support and societal gain. Key Points Patient engagement is the next blockbuster drug. Patient engagement has long-proved to improve patient safety,... Read more

IT Management

Relation Between Outpatient and Inpatient Portal Use

2021 02 May

A new study analyses the impact of outpatient portal use on how patients use an inpatient portal depending on their previous experience and the overall ability to use technology for health management.   You might also like: Electronic patient portals (ePortal) enable patients and care-partners (eg, family members) to securely access... Read more

Executive Health Management

Telehealth & Medicaid: Patient Engagement and Education During the Public Health Emergency

2021 29 Jan

Presenters Dr. Chethan Bachireddy Chief Medical Officer, Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services Sarah Grant Communications Director, Maine DHHS (MaineCare) Traylor Rains JD, Deputy State Medicaid Director, Oklahoma DHS (SoonerCare) Find CCHP on Social Media      Read more

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Is Patient Really Empowered in Medical Industrial Complex?

2020 12 Nov

A veteran patient advocate questions some of the hyped patient-engagement concepts and the reality of their practical applications within the ‘medical industrial complex’, and offers some strategies to change ‘the way we work’. Key Points In the medical industrial complex, stakeholders are distracted from the essence, i.e. the... Read more

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Finding Credible Healthcare Information

2020 12 Nov

Trustworthy health information is a cornerstone of patient/citizen participation in care delivery. Moreover, as the current pandemic shows, it is key to protecting both personal and collective health. The Patient Information Forum strives for both improving the quality of available health information and eliminating the health- and digital-literacy... Read more

Executive Health Management

How Far is the Future?

2020 29 Jan

Summary: Endless noise about new technologies in healthcare has providers struggling to find valuable tools among the vapourware. Conversations with thousands of providers, payers, and vendors can help us predict what healthcare will probably look like in 10 years. In healthcare, uncertainty about the future can yield damning apprehension or... Read more

Cardiology Management

5 Practices to Improve Doctor-Patient Relationships

2020 13 Jan

A new paper published by researchers from Stanford highlights five practices that could play a critical role in implementing and achieving more meaningful interactions with patients. The paper, published in JAMA, addresses the need to repair doctor-patient relationships as they exist today. It is based on research conducted with Presence, an interdisciplinary... Read more

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Top of Mind 2020: Patient Engagement, Data Analytics and Precision Medicine

2019 19 Nov

With the ongoing transition to value-based care, the importance of technology is growing, for patient engagement increase, data management for informed decision-making and introduction of more effective treatments. However, the advancement of all these is complicated by limited resources and lack of reimbursement. Such are the conclusions of the... Read more

Executive Health Management

The ABC of Patient Engagement: Time to Breathe New Life Into Old Stories

2019 13 Nov

Summary: A medical communications expert looks at how industry’s relationship with the patient has changed over 25 years and what is necessary for successful future liaison. It is twenty-five years since I first started working in medical communications and with patient organisations. In 1995 there was no such thing as ‘patient-centred... Read more