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2014 08 Nov

Key Points • Demand increasing for medical imaging • Few unemployed radiologists • Teleradiology and outsourcing lack national legislation • Other healthcare professions are encroaching on radiology “turf” Today, European radiology lies at the centre of the healthcare chain. Nevertheless, we don’t know very much about how this profession...Read more

Executive Health Management


2015 22 Jun

Clinical outsourcing can be an important strategy for health providers, in particular those seeking to add specific clinical expertise or make improvements in certain areas to serve patients better.   So how does a hospital find a suitable clinical partner? An article, "Creating Outsourcing Relationships That Work", appearing in HealthLeaders Magazine...Read more

IMAGING Management


2015 01 Jul

While outsourcing imaging services can speed up patient access and maintain timely patient treatment, it does not mean that the organisation doing the outsourcing should neglect their responsibilities for communication and governance. Julie Stevens, Clinical Specialist in Radiation Protection, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, spoke about the governance...Read more

IT Management


2015 28 Nov

The growing need for more sophisticated electronic health records, analytics and population health management is leading health organisations to shift their focus to IT outsourcing to reduce costs. Nearly 73 percent of health systems with more than 300 beds are using outsourced IT solutions, according to a new report from Black Book Market Research....Read more

IT Management


2016 28 Apr

Recently, Modern Healthcare reported that Emblem Health laid off 250 staff members, or 7.5 percent of the company’s workforce, after deciding to outsource all of its tech work to services company Cognizant. CEO Karen Ignagni said outsourcing the work was part of critical modernisation for the company’s future. Ignagni...Read more

IT Management


2017 28 Jun

The current infosec staffing crisis has led to hospitals' increasing reliance on service providers to help them with IT and data security operations. “We’re about 500,000 security professionals short of the needed jobs,” according to Kurt Hagerman, CISO of security firm Armor. “There’s just not enough security professionals to go around.” Amidst...Read more

Executive Health Management


2018 23 May

Alliar’s innovative business model and IT systems mean that patients in remote locations have access to standardised, high-quality exams in any of its patient centres across Brazil.   Intro: Parauapebas   Parauapebas is a small town located in north Brazil, next to the Amazon rainforest. It sits 2,000 km away from São Paulo, the country’s...Read more

Executive Health Management


2022 04 May

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IT Management


2023 09 Oct

As the clock hands of healthcare turn rapidly towards a digital dawn, the importance of a robust IT backbone cannot be overstated. Today’s healthcare realm is much more than just stethoscopes and surgeries; it’s a complex orchestra of data analytics, real-time monitoring, and virtual consultations, all harmonized by the baton of cutting-edge technology....Read more