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ICU vs High-Dependency Care Unit for Septic Shock

2022 26 Jul

Sepsis is a life-threatening disease with high mortality. More than 10,000 people die from sepsis every year in Japan. Septic shock is when sepsis is associated with circulatory and cellular metabolic abnormalities. International guidelines recommend the use of antimicrobial therapy and source control with drainage or surgery, intensive care with fluid... Read more

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Clinical, Organisational Factors and COVID-19 Mortality

2022 31 May

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is one of the most significant challenges faced by critical care workers worldwide. During the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of patients with COVID-19 associated pneumonia were admitted to the ICU. As a result, most healthcare facilities faced capacity issues and had to designate clinical areas to accommodate... Read more

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Heart Attack Mortality Variation Across High Income Countries

2022 10 May

According to new findings published in The BMJ, U.S. has the highest heart attack mortality rate across six high income countries. The country may have the latest tech and low readmission rates, but its mortality rate is one of the highest in the world.  Interestingly, the study has found substantial differences in care for heart attack patients... Read more

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Clinical Subtypes in Sepsis Survivors

2022 27 Apr

The risk of late mortality in sepsis survivors can persist for years with high readmission rates and poor quality of life. However, due to an incomplete understanding of the relevant causal mechanisms of post-sepsis syndrome, there has been limited success in implementing preventive interventions.  The French and European Outcome Registry in Intensive... Read more

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ICU Capacity Transfers and Mortality

2022 12 Apr

Transfers from one ICU to another ICU are associated with an increased length of stay in the ICU and the hospital. Inter-hospital ICU transfers occur for three main reasons: clinical transfers, capacity transfers and repatriations.  A study was conducted to show that different ICU transfers differ in risk-adjusted mortality rate. The primary endpoint... Read more

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Therapeutic Hyperthermia and Survival in Critically Ill Afebrile Sepsis Patients

2022 15 Feb

A major feature of infection is fever. However, less than half of critically ill patients with sepsis have a fever at the time of diagnosis. Afebrile patients with sepsis have nearly twice the mortality and are more likely to develop secondary infections than patients with fever. Fever is thus an adaptive response to the infection and is critical for... Read more

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#EA21: Middle-Aged Men More Likely to Die After Surgery Than Middle-Aged Women

2021 19 Dec

New research presented at Euroanaesthesia 2021 shows that middle-aged men are nearly 50% more likely to die after surgery than middle-aged women.   Previous studies also report sex differences in the risk of complications after surgery, but the results have been mixed. One study showed that men were at higher risk of complications and death after... Read more

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Outcome After Intubation for Septic Shock

2021 09 Nov

Acute respiratory failure in septic patients is associated with higher in-hospital mortality. Early management and treatment with antibiotics, fluids, vasopressors, and source control, can reduce morbidity and mortality. Sepsis-related acute respiratory failure is also frequent and may require non-invasive or invasive ventilator support.   While... Read more

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Impact of Treatment Variability on ARDS Mortality

2021 02 Nov

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is a potentially fatal condition characterised by acute hypoxaemia, and bilateral radiographic infiltrates and a mortality of 36 to 47%. Interventions like lung protective ventilation (LPV) and prone positioning have been shown to improve survival but remain underused. Other treatment methods such as neuromuscular... Read more

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Mortality Differences in Critically Ill Elderly During COVID-19

2021 29 Sep

A study was conducted to assess the outcome of elderly intensive care unit patients who were treated during the spring and autumn surges of COVID-19 in Europe. The COVIP study included patients aged 70 years and older who were admitted with COVID-19 from March to December 2020. A total of 2625 patients – 1327 from the first surge of the pandemic... Read more