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AI Accurately Identifies Normal and Abnormal Chest X-Rays

2023 16 Mar

An AI tool can accurately identify normal and abnormal chest X-rays in a clinical setting, according to a study published in  Radiology . The tool may greatly alleviate the heavy workload experienced by radiologists globally.     “There is an exponentially growing demand for medical imaging, especially cross-sectional such as CT and MRI,” said... Read more

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Improving the Mental Health of Medical Imaging Professionals

2023 03 Mar

Unfortunately, burnout comes with intangible symptoms that we do not see every day. High levels of stress are documented among staff in the radiology department, and it seems there is an urgent requirement for intervention to be implemented.   A national survey was conducted in Italy to measure the risk of burnout among radiographers before and... Read more

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The Exposure to Ionising Radiation in Territorial Medicine: The Need to Act to Reduce the Risks

2022 09 Nov

Given the proven increase in exposure to ionising radiation by over 600% (diagnostic bulimia) it would not only be wise but also necessary to reduce the unjustified radiation risk due to inappropriate diagnostic investigations, by the following sustainable measure - revise the diagnostic reference levels for CT, interventional and paediatric... Read more

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Researchers Awarded Funding to Develop Affordable 3D Ultrasound Imaging Device

2022 06 Nov

A team of researchers at the Beckman Institute received a four-year $2M award in funding from the National Institutes of Health to create a device that could make high-quality medical imaging more accessible in diverse communities.   Professor Pengfei Song,researcher at the Beckman Institute, reinforces the importance of ensuring that ultrasounds remain... Read more

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ConcertAI's TeraRecon Releases AI-Assisted Clinical Workflow Solution, TeraRecon Neuro

2022 05 Oct

New clinical workflow software aims to solve timing challenges in neurovascular emergencies for the entire care team ConcertAI's  TeraRecon , the leading AI and advanced visualization platform for medical imaging, has announced the release of its AI-driven clinical workflow solution, TeraRecon Neuro. Purpose-built for disease screening and care... Read more

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DICOM Metadata - A Useful Resource for Big Data Analytics

2022 13 Sep

This article provides an overview of new ways to represent data combining patient access and DICOM information, advanced use of medical imaging metadata, analysis of radiation dose and image segmentation and deep learning for feature engineering to enrich data. Introduction Data is the world’s  most valuable resource  and it is possible... Read more

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CARS 2023 - Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

2023 20 Jun

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The Current State of AI in Diagnostic Imaging and How to Improve its Clinical Value

2022 08 Jul

More well-curated data, external validation of algorithms, and user-friendly workflow integration will help translate the potential of AI into clinical routine. Key Points Representative data sets and external validation are key issues for AI algorithms to become more accurate and generalisable. Machine learning is not only... Read more

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2022 18 Sep

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EuSoMII Annual Meeting 2022

2022 14 Oct

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