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ICU Management


2014 24 Mar

A recent study undertaken by an international team of academics and published in the academic journal PLOS Pathogens, has investigated the causes that turn localised infections into the life-threatening systematic disease sepsis, and has found genetic evidence pointing at one single bacteria as the cause. This is the first time that such as...Read more

Lab Management


2014 14 Oct

A team at Harvard University has used stem cells to produce hundreds of millions of cells in the laboratory that control blood sugar levels. These are the beta cells in the pancreas that pump out insulin to control blood sugar levels. In people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, the immune system starts to destroy these cells, leaving them unable to regulate...Read more

Cardiology Management


2014 23 Oct

A new study published in Vaccine  reveals for the first time the molecular mechanism which helps to explain how flu vaccines may be able to prevent heart attacks. Flu vaccines have long been known to have a protective effect against heart disease, thus reducing the risk of a heart attack. However, there is not much scientific information to explain...Read more

ICU Management


2014 24 Oct

Pneumonia is caused by many different microbes, and early identification of the bug culprit is important to ensure timely and appropriate treatment. A novel approach — analysing a patient's breath for key chemical compounds made by the infecting microbe — may help detect invasive aspergillosis, a fungal infection that is a leading cause of mortality...Read more

IMAGING Management


2015 20 Jan

Researchers at Tübingen University have developed a new technique to safely mark T-cells for non-invasive in vivo imaging to better understand what happens during immune reactions in the body. This technique enabled the investigators to track the T-cell movement in mice using positron emission technology (PET). Previous methods used to follow the movement...Read more

Pharmacy Management


2015 23 Jan

Phase 2B trials of a generic fast-tracked immunity-boosting cancer therapeutic IRX-2 will be conducted after the biotech company IRX Therapeutics has successfully raised $31.6 million to finance these trials. The randomised head and neck cancer trials will include 200 patients and will be conducted in clinical centres across the US and Western Europe....Read more

IMAGING Management


2015 22 Apr

A new technique that allows real-time, noninvasive imaging of the immune system’s response to the presence of tumours offers a potential breakthrough both in diagnostics and in monitoring efficacy of cancer therapies. Developed in the lab of Whitehead Institute Member Hidde Ploegh, the method utilises the imaging power of positron emission tomography...Read more

Cardiology Management


2016 21 Jun

Research from the British Heart Foundation reveals that antibody levels in the blood could be used to detect a person's heart attack risk. The higher the levels of these antibodies, the lower the risk of heart attack. The research is published in EbioMedicine . Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the biggest killer in the UK and the leading cause of...Read more

ICU Management


2018 13 Mar

People especially those with critical illness develop sepsis when an infection triggers an overwhelming immune response, ultimately wreaking havoc on the immune system. Traditional approaches to sepsis therapy do not address the critical problem of patients' severely compromised immune systems. Now, a clinical trial demonstrates that a drug that revs...Read more

Executive Health Management


2022 17 Oct

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Executive Health Management


2023 21 Sep

    Winter is coming. And with it, the dreaded cold and flu season that can knock you off your feet for days or weeks. If you shudder at the thought of having to fight off yet another nasty cold this year, it's time to take proactive steps to boost your immune system's defences.   A robust immune system acts as your body's protective...Read more