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IT Management


2016 24 May

Hackers demanded a second ransom from Kansas Heart Hospital following a hacking incident last week that saw the organisation paying for restoration of access to its systems. Hospital president, Greg Duick, M.D., told local media that the facility had paid "a small" amount to cyber-attackers to regain access to its systems. The hackers, however, refused...Read more

IT Management


2016 26 Jul

The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) has projected that cybersecurity attacks will see an expansion of the information security professional workforce by nearly 20 percent. The rise in hacking, ransomware attacks and date breaches over the last two years has led to a rise in demand for security professionals in healthcare. In fact, the BLS...Read more

IT Management


2016 16 Aug

There are two simple preventive measures that a public or private enterprise must put into place to stop cybercriminals says Europol; practice pristine digital hygiene and keep anti-virus protection up-to-date. The number of users attacked by crypto-ransomware rose by 5.5 times, from 131 000 in 2014-2015 to 718 000 in 2015-2016 according...Read more

IT Management


2016 10 Oct

More healthcare facilities are implementing a protocol for mobile device use as hacking threatens data security and pressure on internal Wi-Fi networks rises.   According to communications firm Spok, in order to address these issues the majority of hospitals are devising and implementing regulations on use of mobile devices within their four...Read more

IT Management


2016 27 Dec

  Cybercriminals were able to break into records of nine providers and a business associate in 2016. The number of records accessed was down significantly from 2015, when cyberattacks hit large insurers.      The Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services has compiled a list of the top 10 healthcare data breaches...Read more

Cardiology Management


2018 14 Mar

Medical devices have been targets of hacking for over a decade, and this cybersecurity issue has affected many types of medical devices. In light of recent incidents involving the potential for hacking of cardiac devices (i.e., pacemakers and defibrillators), the American College of Cardiology’s Electrophysiology Section Council has published a paper...Read more