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Delirium: How Can We Protect Our Patients? Detection and Treatment Strategies

2022 25 May

In this article, the authors aim to summarise the current management of delirium, emphasising new publications and possible new studies that will shed light on delirium management strategy. Introduction According to an updated nomenclature of delirium after an interdisciplinary panel of experts from ten medical societies (Slooter et al.... Read more

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11th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference 2022

2022 02 Nov

Live Virtual format (via Zoom webinar): Nov. 2-5, 2022 Unlimited On-Demand format: Oct. 20 - Dec. 19, 2022 Find Johns Hopkins on Social Media Read more

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Less is More in Delirium

2022 10 May

Critical care physicians often use ineffective treatments that lack evidence-based data. This is especially true for delirium. To date, no medications have demonstrated therapeutic benefit for this condition. Medical treatment is either targeted toward preventing delirium or treating agitation associated with it. Behavioural interventions are rarely... Read more

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Delirium Motor Subtypes in ICU Patients

2022 08 Mar

Delirium is the most common cerebral dysfunction in the ICU, affecting nearly one-third of patients. Based on its clinical manifestation, it can be divided into a hypoactive, hyperactive, or mixed motor subtype. Patients with hyperactive delirium are usually in an agitated state of mind and can display symptoms of aggression and restlessness. Patients... Read more

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Findings from the SAMDS-ICU Survey

2022 08 Feb

Pain is one of the most distressful symptoms among critically ill patients, along with shortness of breath and delirium. Pain is reported by 38 to 51% of patients at risk of dying. Delirium is highly prevalent among patients who are critically ill and is associated with worse short-term and long-term outcomes, including in-hospital mortality, longer... Read more

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Multicomponent Intervention for Sleep and Delirium in SICU

2021 30 Mar

Delirium affects nearly 60% of patients in the surgical intensive care unit (SICU). Sleep-wake disruption is a common risk factor in critically ill patients. However, to date, few SICU-focused delirium interventions have been implemented, even though factors like sleep-wake disruption are modifiable.    A study was conducted to determine the effect... Read more

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Prevalence and Risk Factors for Delirium in COVID-19 ICU Patients

2021 12 Jan

According to findings from a large study, COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU in the early months of the pandemic had a higher burden of delirium and coma than is typically found in patients with acute respiratory failure. The findings are published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. Study investigators tracked the incidence of delirium and... Read more

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Ageing Population

2020 14 Sep

T he process of ageing cannot be defined by a number. The World Health Organization classifies anyone over the age of 65 as elderly. However, it is important to understand that ageing is a complex process, and we must consider physiological and cognitive vulnerabilities when talking about ageing as they can make some elderly people more prone to... Read more

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The Night in the ICU

2020 11 Aug

T hey say that in the world of the intensive care unit (ICU), there is no night. It can be qualified as a lesser day, but not really as a night. The hustle and bustle may be slower, patient flow and activity may be less, conversations may be negligible, and the staff on duty may be limited, but patient care continues, alarms are in place, and the... Read more

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2020 11 Aug

The Night in the ICU  Read more