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All Levels of the Healthcare Workforce Suffer Burnout and Work Overload

2023 28 Apr

During the pandemic many healthcare workers suffered from stress and burnout, contributing to workforce turnover. Although the focus was placed on physician and nurse burnout, a new study found that high rates of burnout and intent to leave the job was an issue across the entire healthcare workforce.   The cross-sectional survey, led by Brigham... Read more

ICU Management

Are Patient Satisfaction Tools Causing Harm to Patients and Physicians?

2022 23 Nov

It is routine practice to evaluate patient satisfaction through surveys. Physicians also regularly monitor their aggregate satisfaction scores, and public payors reward those with strong results. These tools and measures are based on the premise that patient satisfaction is an integral element of care, and improving patient experience is an important... Read more

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Reducing Burnout by Building Resilient Systems

2022 09 Nov

Frontline clinicians are emotionally exhausted, mentally fatigued, and pessimistic about the future, often due to the complex, inefficient environments they work in each day. Solving this requires a systems-based approach to creating highly reliable systems in healthcare. One good place to begin is by making it easier for the frontline to know what... Read more

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Increasing Care Demand and Growing Workforce Shortage

2022 09 Nov

Healthcare staff shortages are a growing global issue. At the same time, ageing populations and an increasing burden of chronic diseases are driving up demand for healthcare. The gap between rising demand and a shortage of healthcare workers is looming. spoke to Sourabh Pagaria, Executive Vice President & Managing Director of... Read more

Executive Health Management

U.S. Medical Students with Marginalised Identities Report Mistreatment, Discrimination, and Burnout

2022 09 May

According to a Yale University study, U.S. medical students that identify as having marginalised identities (female, non-white, lesbian, gay or bisexual, or any combination of these) reported higher mistreatment, discrimination, and exhaustion.   Mistreatment during medical training has been often associated with burnout. Given that students belonging... Read more

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CPSDA Annual Conference 2022

2022 16 May

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2022 09 Feb

My dear readers,   It is time again for thoughts from the island of Great Britain. I hope you had an excellent and HEALTHY start to the new year! The first month is over, and another eleven are ahead of us. I am sure we all know that the next few months will be pretty challenging for all of us.   I missed my January article for some good reasons. Well,... Read more

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How to Avoid Post-Pandemic Burnout: 5 Top Leadership Tips

2021 14 Jun

Healthcare organisations have been long aware of the frequency and related dangers of burnout in the medical field, but the stress and strain of the last 18 months of the COVID-19, have made it much more urgent. Reports released by a number of major US healthcare organisations have called the situation “a public health crisis” and warned... Read more

Executive Health Management

Healthcare Leaders Discuss Pandemic Role of the Chief Wellness Officer

2021 13 May

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems struggled to manage the mental health and wellbeing of their diverse healthcare workforce who often suffered from stress, anxiety, long working hours and other related issues, which can lead to workplace burnout.  The relatively new role of the chief wellness officer (CWO) are tasked with... Read more

ICU Management

ICU Mental Health in the Ongoing Pandemic: How Will We Be Okay?

2021 19 Apr

After a year of this pandemic, this article explores what we currently understand about the psychological impact experienced by ICU teams and provides practical guidance to help build personal and team resilience as the journey with COVID-19 continues with no end in sight. Introduction When COVID-19 emerged as a new pathogen, the pictures... Read more