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2019 17 Apr

MRI elastography: ground-breaking new way to see extremely fast neuronal activity in the brain It is magnificent how fast the human brain operates. In a fraction of a second our  neurons are activated, creating thoughts and reactions to stimuli. The speed at which radiologists can non-invasively  follow brain function using  MRI , however, is...Read more

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2020 05 Nov

A joined initiative in Singapore is developing an open-sourced system that wirelessly collects oxygen levels data from pulse oximeters and presents it on a dashboard, aiming to boost COVID-19 fight.   You might also like: Wearables Data for COVID-19 Detection   Availability of well-structured, easy-to-read health...Read more

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2022 20 Oct

Researchers from the University of Washington and University of California San Diego have shown that smartphones are capable of detecting blood oxygen saturation levels down to 70%. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, this is the lowest value that pulse oximeters should be able to measure.   Six participants aged from 20 to 34...Read more