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ICU Management

Lung Histopathology: COVID-19 Compared to SARS, H1N1

2020 09 Oct

The coronavirus disease has spread throughout the world and has resulted in many challenges for healthcare systems. It is a new disease with a significant burden of respiratory failure. This has led to questions about the pathogenesis and pulmonary pathology of COVID-19.   Patients with severe COVID-19 have respiratory failure with hypoxaemia,... Read more

ICU Management

COVID-19: Neurological Associations

2020 20 Jul

The most common manifestation of COVID-19 has been respiratory illness with a growing recognition of neurological sequelae. In this recent review, researchers take into consideration the neurological features of COVID-19 and summarise the evidence available to suggest an investigation framework to guide future studies. Before COVID-19, there were... Read more

ICU Management

COVID-19 and the History of Pandemics

2020 19 May

How are we dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons we can learn from similar diseases over the last few centuries. The face of human history has always been pockmarked by disease, in more ways than one. In our current privileged world of technology, gene sequencing and micro RNA, the possibility of a new disease that kept us inside... Read more

IMAGING Management

Imaging Manifestations of COVID-19 vs. MERS/SARS

2020 18 May

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has now affected millions of people and caused over 250,000 deaths globally. Since the first outbreak in China in November 2019, anecdotal reports have persisted that this airborne infection affects the airways and compromises breathing. In almost every patient infected with coronavirus, lung symptoms of varying intensity... Read more

Executive Health Management

From SARS to COVID-19: One Department’s Journey

2020 09 Mar

A tertiary hospital in Singapore shares its experience of handling the work during the outbreaks of infectious diseases, namely during the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemics. Focusing on the operations of the radiology department, it offers recommendations that may be useful for other hospital... Read more

ICU Management

First-Ever Possible Treatments for MERS

2015 03 Jul

As the South Korean epidemic of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) continues unabated, University of Maryland School of Medicine scientists have announced the discovery of two therapeutics that show potential in preventing and treating the disease. The treatments are the first to succeed in protecting and treating animal models of the MERS virus;... Read more

Health Management

2014 27 Oct

Mark Forcier is VP Sales and Marketing of J.D. Honigberg International, an innovative leader in international sales and export management since 1953. J.D. Honigberg International is a creative force in North American exports selling world-class products throughout their global distributor network. Mr. Foricer is an integral driver of their international... Read more