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Executive Health Management

BSCI/BSCCT Spring Meeting 2020

2020 27 Mar

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IMAGING Management

Artificial intelligence in 2019: Where we are now

2019 22 Mar

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IMAGING Management

2018 17 Jul

The National Health Service (NHS) was created to provide medical care for all, free at the point of use. Now 70 years old, it is a national treasure under intense strain, battling to provide the best modern medicine to an ever-growing, ageing UK population.   Both radiology and clinical oncology are vital to the health service. Most patient diagnoses... Read more

IMAGING Management

BIR Response to RCC's Paediatric Imaging Audit

2015 01 Aug

The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) issued the following statement in response to the Royal College of Radiologists’ national audit of paediatric X-ray services: The report from the Royal College of Radiologists’ paediatric imaging audit is disturbing and raises concerns over the safety of performing and reporting imaging in children. The... Read more