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ICU Management

Monitoring and interpretation of the Edi signal in Adults and Neonates

2022 07 Dec

Speaker Dr. Christer Sinderby Find Getinge On Social Media     Read more

ICU Management

NAVA, from indications to ventilatory management of the adult patient

2021 03 Nov

Speaker Carlos Ferrando, MD, PhD, DESA Find Getinge On Social Media Read more

ICU Management

NAVA Mode In Adult Acute Respiratory Failure - First Installment

2021 27 Jan

Speaker Jesús Villar, MD, PhD There will be total of 4 webinars, Save the date for our other events:  February 19 - NAVA: The Science, Management and implementation in the NICU.   March 3 -  Difficult weaning from the ventilator: NAVA is helpful.           End of April ( TBD) -  NAVA: Insights from RESTUS study.  Find Ge Read more

ICU Management

NAVIATOR Trial: NAVA Shortens Time Of Mechanical Ventilation By Almost 35% For Adult ICU Patients

2020 30 Sep

The clinical effectiveness of Getinge’s patented Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA), which uses the patient’s own respiratory drive to control ventilator assistance, is supported in the NAVIATOR trial. According to the NAVIATOR trial, NAVA significantly increased the number of ventilator-free days and shortened the time of mechanical ventilation... Read more