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Is CAD-enhanced Mammography Effective?

2013 09 May

Computer-assisted detection enhanced mammography finds more noninvasive and early-stage invasive breast cancer but also makes increases diagnostic testing for women without breast cancer, researchers from UC Davis and the University of Washington have found. Using computer-aided detection (CAD) to assess mammograms increases diagnosis of early... Read more

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Mammogram Rate for 40-49 Year Olds in the U.S. Shows No Decline

2013 07 May

More than three years after the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommended against routine mammogram screening for women between the ages of 40 and 49, a study from Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) finds that mammogram rates in the United States have not declined in that age group, or any other. The study results are published... Read more

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New Study Further Supports Hologic's Breast Tomosynthesis in Cancer Screening

2013 22 Apr

Hologic has announced that a new study published online by European Radiology supports the use of breast tomosynthesis in combination with 2-dimensional (2D) imaging in breast cancer screening programmes using independent double reading with arbitration. The study, " Prospective Trial Comparing Full-field Digital Mammography (FFDM) versus Combined... Read more

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Test Set Mammography Data Can Reasonably Describe Actual Clinical Reporting

2013 03 Apr

A recently published study in Radiology study sought to establish the extent to which test set reading can represent actual clinical reporting in screening mammography. Researchers in Sydney, Australia used two hundred mammographic examinations to create 10 reader-specific test sets. Data generated from actual clinical reports were compared with... Read more

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Frequency of Screening Mammography Study

2013 19 Mar

A study that compared the benefits and harms of the frequency of screening mammography to age, breast density and postmenopausal use of hormone therapy (HT) suggests that woman ages 50 to 74 years who undergo biennial screenings have a similar risk of advanced-stage disease and a lower cumulative risk of false-positive results than those who get mammograms... Read more

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Siemens Upgrade Options for Era of Tight Budgets

2013 09 Mar

By offering new upgrade options for hard- and software, Siemens Healthcare supports hospitals and practitioners operating under tight budgets. Siemens Healthcare offers systems that can be extended to additional functionalities when needed. In the field of magnetic resonance imaging, Siemens makes the latest technological innovations available to its... Read more

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Breast Imaging in High Risk Populations

2012 04 Oct

Recent evidence suggests that contrast-enhanced breast MRI is becoming an established technique that offers good quality in safety, performance and patient outcomes. In this article, Prof. Francesco Sardanelli, a frequently invited speaker and educator on this topic at international meetings, writes about the growing effectiveness of breast MRI, the... Read more