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2017 11 Apr

While fluid responsiveness is directly relevant to emergency care, a systematic review has found very little evidence (489 patients in total) on which to base best practice. High quality, adequately powered outcome studies are still lacking, so the place of fluid responsiveness in the emergency department (ED) remains undefined, according to the review...Read more

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2019 26 Oct

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2019 04 Oct

In an interesting session at #LIVES2019, Dr. Niels Van Regenmortel from Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium, presented findings from the TOPMAST trial. The TOPMAST study was conducted to determine the effects of sodium content of maintenance fluid therapy on cumulative fluid balance and electrolyte disorders.  Dr. Van Regenmortel started off his...Read more

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2020 03 Apr

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is causing rapidly spreading illness, and COVID-19 has now affected thousands of people around the world. Clinicians are in urgent need of guidance to deal with this crisis.  A panel of 36 experts from 12 countries proposed 53 questions, reviewed literature for direct and indirect...Read more

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2021 26 Nov

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2023 05 Apr

Volume expansion, the initial therapeutic measure for septic shock, involves the intravenous injection of a few hundred millilitres of fluid over a few minutes. However, using fluids in septic patients is a complex strategy, with various types of fluids available. The effects of fluid boluses are inconsistent and transient, and fluids carry risks,...Read more