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ICARE 2022 - 76th National Congress SIAARTI

2022 28 Oct

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ICU Management

Detection and Management of Acute Kidney Injury in the ICU

2022 17 Feb

Speakers Rolando Claure-Del Granado, MD, FASN Director, AKI/CRRT Program Hospital Obrero, Cochabamba, Bolivia Dennis Begos, MD, FACS, FACRS Medical Director, Medical and Scientific Affairs Nova Biomedical Read more

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#EA21: COVID-19 - AKI vs Pre-Existing Kidney Disease

2021 18 Dec

According to findings presented at Euroanaesthesia 2021, among patients with COVID-19 admitted to the ICU, those with an abrupt decline in kidney function are more likely to die during hospitalisation than those with pre-existing kidney disease. In addition, findings show that renal replacement therapy does not improve their chances of survival.  ... Read more

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AKI in Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19

2021 17 Aug

Acute kidney injury is highly prevalent among severely ill COVID-19 patients. However, there is very limited data on the progression of AKI and long-term outcomes in these patients.   In this study, researchers aimed to describe the prevalence and risk factors for the development of acute kidney injury, its clinical course and progression and renal... Read more

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Renal Replacement Therapy in Critically Ill Patients with AKI

2021 01 Jun

Many critical care patients with severe acute kidney injury (AKI), especially those who develop refractory complications, receive renal replacement therapy (RRT). However, when RRT should be initiated for these patients remains unclear. There is a consensus that in patients with urgent or refractory complications, RRT should be started. However, the... Read more

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39th Vicenza Course on AKI & CRRT - Virtual Meeting

2021 26 Oct

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Biomarkers to Identify Acute Kidney Injury for Early Sepsis Detection

2021 23 Mar

Early recognition of sepsis is vital for improving patient outcomes. If detected on time, sepsis can be treated with antibiotics and source control, recognition and reversal of shock and organ support. The three most common organ dysfunctions in sepsis are cardiovascular, renal and respiratory. Cardiovascular and respiratory organ dysfunctions are... Read more

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Venous Doppler to Predict Adverse Kidney Events

2020 27 Oct

In patients admitted to the ICU following surgery, trauma or septic shock, fluid boluses are often used to increase cardiac output and blood pressure. However, clinical evidence shows that excess fluid administration could be detrimental for patients and could lead to increased rates of acute kidney injury (AKI), prolonged days of mechanical ventilation... Read more

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Intensive Renal Replacement Therapy and Mechanical Ventilation Duration

2020 11 Oct

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a global health issue, accounting for approximately two million deaths per year as well as presenting a heavy economic burden on healthcare systems. Hospital-acquired AKI is associated with increased risk of death and prolonged length of hospital stay.   There are no effective treatments beyond supportive care for patients... Read more

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The Importance Of Continuous Monitoring Of Urine Flow In Critical Care Patients

2020 30 Jun

ABSTRACT This review discusses the importance of continuous, real-time monitoring of urine flow in critical care patients and its potential role in Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and fluid management in a variety of clinical conditions.  Real-time, reliable monitoring of urine flow enables clinicians to detect early signs of kidney injury, and facilitates... Read more