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Health Management

Network Modernisation: The Key to the Future of Healthcare

2022 08 Jul

In the post-COVID era, network modernisation will be key for healthcare organisations as they continue to introduce Internet of Things devices to their operations- in fact, it must underpin every institution’s roadmap towards digital transformation. Key Points Outdated networks can act as roadblocks and trying to adapt them to modern demand... Read more

Health Management

Global medical device security testing labs launched

2017 19 Sep

A new initiative that will improve medical device security and facilitate sharing of best practice is being rolled out internationally this year.   The Medical Device Innovation, Safety and Security Consortium (MDISS ) has launched the first of what are planned to be more than a dozen international medical device security testing labs and cyber-ranges.... Read more

IT Management

Cybersecurity Training for Leaders and Executives

2017 13 Jun

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IMAGING Management

BIR Statement : Thank you to Radiology Departments During NHS Cyber Attack

2017 24 May

The BIR applauds radiology and oncology teams who were faced with unprecedented challenges during the recent ransomware attack on NHS trusts across the UK. PACS teams, radiologists, radiographers, r egistrars and I.T. teams worked through the nights and weekend to begin isolating damage, restoring systems and ensuring the safety of patients was not... Read more

Executive Health Management

Zorg & ICT 2017

2017 14 Mar

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IT Management

Privacy & Security Forum 2016

2016 05 Dec

Privacy & Security Forum 2016 -HIMSS Event Playing to Win in the Cyber Era Conquer tomorrow’s most daunting privacy and security threats at the only peer-to-peer networking event focused on healthcare’s unique challenges. From prevention and detection to response and recovery, get practical solutions you can put into action right away. Read more