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Executive Health Management

Siemens Healthineers Accelerating Growth & Launching “New Ambition” – Third Phase of Strategy 2025

2021 03 Dec

Second strategy phase “Upgrading” completed one year ahead of schedule New Ambition addresses the greatest opportunities in healthcare: fighting the most threatening diseases, enabling efficient operations, expanding access to care Comparable revenue growth of 6 to 8 percent p.a. and adjusted EPS growth of 12 to 15 percent p.a. for fiscal years... Read more

Executive Health Management

iPads in Ambulances: NHS Aims to Improve Patient Care

2021 18 May

iPads will be provided to ambulance crews across England to ensure that patients get the right care faster, the NHS brass has announced. Ambulance crews will utilise the 30,000 iPads to send photographs from the scene of an incident, so specialists on standby at hospital can initiate treatment right away when the patient arrives in the emergency... Read more

IT Management

Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase 2021

2021 11 Jan


Health Management

Digital transformation and the subconscious

2017 09 Nov

Shaping the minds of organisations   Professor Werner Leodolter speaks to about managing the technology-induced change in decision making in organisations detailed in his new book.   The digital transformation is changing the subconscious minds of organisations. Humans increasingly collaborate with robots, artificial... Read more

Health Management

How to Make Sense of Digital Chaos

2017 21 Aug

What it Takes to be a Leader in the Digital Age In a world of fierce competition, digital projects have become an omnipresent challenge. While 75% of all businesses will be digital businesses or preparing to become one by 2020, software will disrupt virtually all traditional industries. In the face of a global economy that is in a state of flux,... Read more