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ICU Management

Volume 23 - Issue 1, 2023

2023 13 Mar

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Executive Health Management

Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes

2022 29 Aug

Researchers at Intermountain Healthcare have conducted a survey to identify and stratify antimicrobial stewardship programmes into four different groups to study the effectiveness of these models to best enhance patient care and reduce the rise of antibiotic resistance. The results are published in  Clinical Infectious Diseases . Antimicrobial... Read more

ICU Management

#ISICEM21: Advances in Resistant Gram-Negative Pneumonia

2021 03 Sep

In an interesting discussion at the 40th ISICEM International Symposium on Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine,  Richard Wunderink, Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Division of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and Medical Director, Medical ICU, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, discussed rising levels of... Read more

Health Management

Improved Patient Assessment with MR-proADM

2020 29 Aug

Prof. Carlo Tascini is Head of Infectious Diseases Clinic at Udine University Hospital. Prior to that, he was the Head of First Division of Infectious Diseases Unit at Cotugno Hospital. His field of interests include endocarditis, meningitis, sepsis, MDR bacterial infection and fungal infections. spoke to Prof. Tascini about... Read more

ICU Management

#EuSEM18: Sepsis in the emergency department - what antibiotics?

2018 18 Sep

Doctors are responsible for reducing antibiotic usage in their hospital, region and country. At the same time, emergency medicine doctors have the responsibility to treat very sick patients - with suspected sepsis and septic shock, efficiently. This was the conundrum addressed by Christian Backer Mogensen, consultant in infectious medicine and emergency... Read more

ICU Management

Emergency Intraosseous Access: Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Possibilities and Limitations

2016 30 Nov

The intraosseous needle is an essential tool in emergency settings when initial vascular access is difficult to achieve. This paper focuses on possible biochemical analyses on blood from emergency intraosseous needles, suggesting principles of use as well as pointing out advantages and shortcomings.   Intraosseous (IO) access has been used... Read more