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2022 04 Feb

Many cancer patients are experiencing the crippling effects created by the pandemic. One example of this is illustrated by a recent survey in which a group of radiation oncologists in the U.S. describe how  their patients presented with more advanced cancers over the course of the pandemic. [1]  Shutdowns and ongoing concerns about COVID-19 have...Read more

Decision Support


2022 18 Apr

We cannot predict the future, but we can prepare for a future that is increasingly unpredictable. With creativity, courage, and the power to get things done, we are preparing to master tomorrow’s challenges with today’s innovations.   Medicine today primarily focuses on treating disease – but in the future, it will increasingly be able to prevent...Read more

IT Management


2022 25 Apr

A small multisite study recently showed that artificial intelligence (AI) improved the ability of physicians to determine whether bladder cancer patients responded to chemotherapy before a radical cystectomy.   Establishing whether bladder cancer patients show a complete response to chemotherapy is important for determining whether the bladder...Read more

IMAGING Management


2022 23 May

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can identify race from imaging data alone. The study, released as a preprint last summer, raised concerns over racial bias in radiology, was recently published in  Lancet Digital Health . The original preprint showed that deep-learning algorithm models could accurately identify a patient’s self-reported racial...Read more

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2022 08 Jul

Artificial intelligence has many potential applications in the field of cardiac imaging and echocardiography is not an exception. There are clear examples in different aspects like cardiac chamber quantification, assistance on the interpretation of stress echocardiography or the evaluation of valvular heart disease. We need to be prepared for automation...Read more

Health Management


2022 08 Jul

More well-curated data, external validation of algorithms, and user-friendly workflow integration will help translate the potential of AI into clinical routine. Key Points Representative data sets and external validation are key issues for AI algorithms to become more accurate and generalisable. Machine learning is not only...Read more

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2022 09 Nov

An overview of new technologies by Affidea designed to improve patient experience and medical outcomes while making clinical operations safer. Key Points Unplanned downtime from clinical equipment can negatively affect every aspect of the care delivery. Innovation is part of Affidea’s DNA, and it comes to offer an outstanding patient...Read more

IMAGING Management


2023 30 Jan

According to a recent study published in Radiology, AI can reconstruct coarsely-sampled, fast MRI scans into high-quality images with diagnostic value that is close to those created using standard MRI. The study is part of the fast MRI initiative established by NYU Langone Health and Meta AI Research in 2018.   Reconstructing MRI imaging with AI...Read more

Artificial Intelligence


2023 22 Mar

A strategic collaboration with Cosmo Pharmaceuticals and NVIDIA delivers the GI Genius™ AI Access™ platform designed to accelerate AI innovation for healthcare.   Medtronic plc,a global leader in healthcare technology, announced Cosmo Pharmaceuticals  and NVIDIA plan to integrate NVIDIA's AI technologies into the GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy...Read more

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2023 01 Jun

This week AI industry leaders, including high-level executives at Microsoft and Google, academics and even several celebrities issued a new warning regarding the dangers and impacts that AI could potentially pose.   The statement said “Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such...Read more

IMAGING Management


2023 08 Nov

The 2023 Alexander R. Margulis Award for the best original scientific article published in Radiology has been awarded to researchers of the article “Pancreatic Cancer Detection on CT Scans with Deep Learning: A Nationwide Population-based Study”.   The team created an AI tool and trained it by analysing hundreds of contrast-enhanced CT studies...Read more