• Sophia Arabadjis

    Sophia is a PhD Student in Health and Medical Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara. With a special focus on health and medical geography, she is very interested in disparities of access to care and is passionate about social research in the healthcare space.

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    Email —  ******@***ucsb.edu
    PhD Student, Health and Medical Geography University of California Santa Barbara —  Santa Barbara, USA

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  •  Sophia Arabadjis

    Get Data on Board: Incorporating Health Information Technology in Care

    • 01:31 PM, Mar 09

    Summary: How can healthcare practitioners at all levels contribute for optimal integration and use of data and HIT for best care delivery? If you were to poll clinicians from every practice across the United States about the state of their electronic health record system (EHR), we would wager $100 that you would find at least one dissatisfied person from every practice. “Cumbersome,” “difficult,”...


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