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  •  Nimish Biloria

    Urban Health and Wellbeing in the Contemporary City

    • 08:28 AM, Sep 09

    This paper explores and debates the intricate connection between our built environ- ment and an increasingly technocentric approach to distinguish health and wellbeing from a multidisciplinary perspective. The authors profess the dire need for rethinking  the ‘smart’ within the city by reconsidering models of urban development and focusing  on the democratisation of technology for the pu

  •  Miguel Fornés Bonavia

    Chronic Disease Management using GeoAI Applications: Severe Respirator

    • 03:27 PM, Nov 30

    An overview of a developmental model the authors have been working on for the past two years with a focus on chronic disease management and support for patients who are labile or highly reactive to changes in their environmental conditions. Key Points Global healthcare systems are struggling to manage the growth in chronic diseases. Several countries have identified that...

  • Dr Hamish Robertson

    Rising multimorbidity in our ageing world

    • 02:04 PM, Aug 21

    Mapping the landscape of ageing for more effective healthcare How can the spatial sciences contribute to streamlined healthcare by addressing multi-morbidity in ageing populations across the globe? The global population is ageing. This is not only a general demographic pattern but one with a variety of unique trajectories by country and region, and system-specific implications. A successful


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