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Virtual Reality App Reduces Common Phobias

2022 19 Jul

Results from a trial published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry show a 75% reduction in phobia symptoms after six weeks of a treatment programme using a combination of Virtual Reality 360-degree video exposure therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.  The phobia patients were studied using a headset and a smartphone app... Read more

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Smartphone App Could Improve Aspirin Use in Preeclampsia

2021 31 Oct

Hypertension disorder in pregnancy, preeclampsia, affects about 1 in every 20 pregnancies globally and usually appears after 20 weeks of gestation. Taking low-dose aspirin can help prevent preeclampsia, but this prophylactic treatment is underused among high-risk patients. A communication gap between providers and patients is one likely cause examined... Read more

Cardiology Management

Smartphone app helps veterans engage in home-based cardiac rehab

2018 13 Aug

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is recommended for patients with coronary heart disease; however, participation among veterans remains poor. Results of a new study show the feasibility of a smartphone-enabled, home-based CR for secondary prevention in veterans with heart disease. The technology-based intervention is associated with moderate to high... Read more

Cardiology Management

Smartphone app outperforms traditional exam in cardiac assessment

2018 03 Apr

Results of a randomised trial highlight the potential of smartphone applications to help clinicians make decisions at the bedside. In this study, a smartphone app using the phone's camera function performed better than traditional physical examination (known as the Allen test) to assess blood flow in a wrist artery for patients undergoing coronary... Read more

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Health Exams Alter With New Device

2015 16 Nov

A new smartphone-based device known as HeartBuds is just as effective as traditional stethoscopes and better than a disposable model in identifying heart murmurs and other vital sounds during patient exams, according to new research from Orlando Health. The findings were presented at The American Heart Association's 2015 Scientific Sessions held in... Read more

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Smartphone Accessory Detects STDs Via Finger Prick

2015 12 Feb

A new smartphone accessory can rapidly detect three infectious disease markers from a single drop of blood drawn from a finger. The device connects to a smartphone or computer and replicates the electrical, mechanical and optical functions of a lab-based blood test. It builds upon the previous work of the research team in miniaturising equipment for... Read more