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ICU Management

Sex Differences in Treatment of ICU Patients

2022 24 May

Sex imbalance in the ICU has been consistently reported. Worldwide, fewer women are admitted to the ICU than men. Several studies have reported systematic differences in the treatment men and women receive in ICUs. Studies from Europe, North America, and Asia all show women are less likely to receive invasive mechanical ventilation than men. Studies... Read more

Cardiology Management

Sex Differences in Risk Factors to Predict Heart Attack

2022 10 May

A new study has identified the risk factors that are more likely to trigger a heart attack or acute myocardial infarction (AMI) for men and women 55 years and younger. The findings are published in JAMA.  Significant sex differences have been reported in risk factors associated with AMI and in the strength of associations among young adults. These... Read more

ICU Management

Sex in the Intensive Care

2021 24 Aug

Change content default valueSex interplays with the development of several diseases and syndromes, impacting differently the need for intensive care unit admission between men and women. All in all, men are more prone to develop critical illness than women, which explains their over-representation in the intensive care unit. On the other hand, treatments... Read more

Executive Health Management

Sex & Gender Impacts in Cardiovascular Disease: A “Typical” Presentation of Cardiovascular Disease?

2019 26 Aug

Summary: Differences in sex and gender may account for gaps in treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, but at the same time, it also gives the opportunity for personalised sex and gender-specific medicine.   Typical presentations in medicine are defined in ways that health care professionals can draw on past experiences and education... Read more