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How To Recover From A Ransomware Attack? 5 Top Tips

2021 06 Jul

Ransomware attacks against healthcare organisations have jumped about 45% since early November, following an alarming 71% increase in October 2020, making healthcare the number one target of ransomware attacks that month. Fending off these attacks can be incredibly difficult, but it’s not impossible. HealthManagement offers several best practices... Read more

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2021: Even More Cyber Attacks on Healthcare

2021 22 Mar

2020 saw an unprecedented rise in cyber attacks on healthcare systems and institutions. However, in 2021 the situation might get even worse, and here is why.   You might also like: ENISA has released cybersecurity guidelines for hospitals when procuring services, products and infrastructure. Learn more   According to... Read more

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All Sectra customers live following recent ransomware attack

2017 19 May

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company  Sectra  reports that all customers in the UK are again operational with Sectra’s IT solutions. No customers outside the UK were affected by the recent ransomware attack.  “I am proud to say that the close partnership we have with all our customers in combination with clear crisis management... Read more

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Phishing Emails: 97 Percent Contain Ransomware

2016 21 Nov

Industry research has shown that the number of phishing emails containing ransomware grew to 97 percent in the third quarter of 2016, up from 92 percent in Q1. Ransomware has been making headlines this year as multiple healthcare organisations have been targeted by cybercriminals demanding cash for data. The research, undertaken by PhishMe,... Read more

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2016 25 Oct

Like other sectors whose mission depends on network-connected technology, healthcare is in crisis. In addition to the need for confidentiality, people’s lives depend on the integrity of the health information system. Incorrect decisions based on incorrect information could mean the difference between life and death. Finally, the information must be available... Read more

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Prognosis Negative

2016 01 Jul

THE HEALTH SECTOR’S CYBER -HYGIENE EPIDEMIC Nietzsche said, “ All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity ”. Unfortunately, for the health sector the issues of ransomware, malware and hackers must worsen before things improve. This is not a sadistic estimation; rather, it... Read more

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Hackers Back for More Ransom at Kansas Heart Hospital

2016 24 May

Hackers demanded a second ransom from Kansas Heart Hospital following a hacking incident last week that saw the organisation paying for restoration of access to its systems. Hospital president, Greg Duick, M.D., told local media that the facility had paid "a small" amount to cyber-attackers to regain access to its systems. The hackers, however, refused... Read more

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Ransomware Attacks Hit Three Quarters of Hospitals - Without Them Knowing

2016 11 Apr

Research has shown that as many as 75 percent of hospitals in the U.S. could have been victims of a ransomware attack over the last year with a significant number unaware of the cyber intrusion. The data was gathered in the study Healthcare IT News and HIMSS Analytics Quick HIT Survey: Ransomware . About 25 percent could not confirm if... Read more

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FBI Investigates 2 More Ransomware Attacks

2016 24 Mar

The FBI is investigating following two more ransomware attacks on Southern California hospital Chino Valley Medical Centre, a 126-bed community hospital and Desert Valley Hospital a 148-bed facility, both part of Prime Healthcare Services Inc.,   were targeted. Hackers accessed one of the hospital’s computers spreading a malware programme to encrypt... Read more

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Ransomware Hack on Ottawa Hospital Fail

2016 21 Mar

Ottawa’s Hospital network was the target of a ransomware attack after hackers broke into IT systems and encrypted four computers. The hospital said that no patient data was compromised and the IT department cleaned the infected systems and restored data through back-up material. The remaining 9, 800 computers were not affected by the hacking.... Read more